Stella is a normal girl with insecurity problems. Some people would call her life perfect, and it gets better through a few coincidences. (harry styles/louis tomlinson fanfic)
**A/N this is my first movella so yea! comment your opinions! please no hate! i can take criticism but hate is just rude! ENJOY! :)


1. Me.

Stella's POV

Stella. Thats my name. Short for Estella actually. Some people might call my life perfect, and it is, in some ways. I have always been insecure about my body. First off, i have curly hair, which i think is like an afro. ( it is in the morning) And i play tennis so that means big leg muscles. I am also freakishly tall for 17 5 Foot 10. yea, I know. I have light brown (not hazel) eyes that turn green when i cry, dark brown hair, long legs, and semi-chubby cheeks. My family is the best. We arent rich monetarily, but in our hearts, we are on top of the world. I have two amazing sisters (both older) that are perfect in every way. The middle one is Emmy (Emma) she is 19 and the same height as me. She has natrually wavy light brown hair that has natural dirty blond/red highlights in it, with a perfect body (she plays tennis too but more seriously), and aqua/green eyes. The eldest out of us is, 22 year old, Jules (Juliet). She has black hair that is slightly more wavy than Emmy's, she has dark brown eyes, a more pale complexion but it works on her. My parents? They are amazing. My dad (John) runs his own business so money is not the easiest to come by with all the taxes and such, and he spends 15-18 hours at the office so i dont get to see him much. My mom doesnt have a college degree (neither does dad) so work is hard to find. She was a T.A. for a year, but after my school wasnt the right fit for me, she pulled me out and started homeschooling me. Dont get me wrong, im far from Amish or sheltered, but i swear, homeschooling has been the best thing in my life. Lastly, i am extremely infatuated with the british/irish boyband One Direction. I mean, who isnt?! haha, but my favorite is Louis (louie) because he is so funny and stupid (sometimes) like me. Even though Louis is who i like the most, there will always be a place in my heart for harry. His emerald eyes remind me of Emmy who is like my best friend (besides Ally **you will meet her later). Since money is tight in this Asian/Hispanic family, i have never gone to one of their concerts, but i will get to. I will, i just dont know how.

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