Thats Just The Way Life Is (A Justin Bieber fan fiction)

Caroline Green's long time friend invited her too her wedding and to her surprise it is the one and only Niall Horan that her friend is marrying and when caroline gets to the meeting two days before the wedding and see's who she's partnered up with lets say life will take its corse and give her what she might have always been waiting for.


3. Lunch Break

                "Okay everyone i'm going to read you your assigned partner for the special dance which i'm sure you all practiced on your own through the videos that i sent by email right?" Cristine said nervously to all of us and we all nodded on agreement "Perfect lets get on with these partners then shall we? Okay Harry you're with Samantha Zayn you're with Carmen Louis with Elenor Liam you're with Maddie and Justin you're with Caroline. Perfect now i'm hoping you will all practice now as couples and i will see you guys tomorrow for the wedding rehearsal you are dismissed" Great so first it was the famous look them the Bieber smile and now were partners GREAT just what i needed

"Caroline i'm so happy that you're here you have no idea" Cristine said taking me away from my thoughts as everyone walked out including Justin

"awe well you know i wouldn't miss your BIG day" I told her smiling big so she wouldn't think anything was wrong because my boyfriend i had since high school cheated on me recently and i havn't told anyone about the break up

"hey i know you too well what going on you don't seen yourself" she looked at me with wide eyes

"oh nothing you remember Chase right?" i asked 

"yes how is he by the way?"

"i wouldn't know he cheated on me last month with Olivia" her jaw dropped 

"O my i had no idea well talk more about this later i wanna here this story before i go over there and choke this bitch but i have to go see Niall ill talk to you later love" She said giving me a hug and walking off.

                  I swallowed back the tears and walked out of the hall to go see if i could grab a bite to eat when i bump into someone. "I so sor-"

"hey Caroline is it?" I saw Justin looking at me now 

"Uh- Yea but you can call me Carol or Car its up to you" i blurted out nervously why does this kid make me nervous

"Well i guess were partners and partners should at least know a little about each other am i right? Of course i am i'm always right" Wow someone fucking cocky 

"Wow yeah i guess whatever" i sighed 

"Great so why don't we have lunch and just chat?"

"Yeah that sounds good let me just go upstair and change into something more casual and we'll go" I said to him with a slight smile 

"Yeah ill do the same What room are you in so i can get you when i'm done?"


"see you then babe"

He said walking away to go talk to what looked like Zayn who was with the one and only Carmen who glanced at me and winked as if telling me 'i got this one and ill tell you about it later' she amazes me in her 'just enough fish in the see so i can get them all' theory.

I got on the elevator waiting for it to get to my floor. I got out and walked to my room when i got in i just splattered on the bed thinking for a second about what just happened, he just asked me to lunch wow wait what am i gonna wear, wow this bed is comfortable, i shook my head out of my thoughts and went to chose a casual outfit i ended up picking this

  I Looked at my self in the mirror satisfied with my quick change then heard a knock on the door. Here goes nothing. I walked over to it and and opened the door there stood a very good looking justin with shades on leaning against the doorway looking like this:

"Wow i like this casual look you got going" he looked at me licking his lips admiring what he sees he winked " you ready to go the car is waiting"

"uh yeah let me just grab my phone and well go" I ran back to my room unplugging my phone from the charger and walking back.

"lets get outta here" he exclaimed 



{Justin's POV}

"Nice place how'd you find it" Caroline spoke softly as if she was going to wake someone which make me chuckle

"I've been Niall's wing man for a while which means i've been here for quite a while so i know these places" She looked at me and smiled that million dollar smile of hers and started for an empty table at this out door restaurant i took her to. She was quite beautiful if you really couldnt miss it and i knew i couldn't miss this opportunity, we were partners and she's great just for knowing her for a few hours i already had a great feeling about this one, she's not like Selena well hopefully not because i hate cheaters.

"Hello welcome to Bedelia's what can i help you with today?" I looked up at the waitress 

"i'll have a coke with lemon no ice please and thank you"

"and you ma'am" she said looking a Car

"The same would be great thanks dear" She looked up at the waitress and gave her a warm look

"ill be right back with your drinks" 

"great" i said, i watched as Caroline was examining the menu so carefully her eyes reading each word with a cute confused look on her face i couldn't handle it she was just amazing.

"You know i can basically FEEL your eyes right" I jumped a little and then laughed she laughed with me looking up from the menu "anyways i think i'm just gonna take a burger and some fries" I looked up from my own menu surprised at her remark "what does that make me seem fat because honestly im hungry and i could care less right now"

"No its just when i take a girl out she usually orders a salad or something small but you just dont care you're not even shy, i like that" i told her nervously she just looked up and smirked as the waitress walked back with our drinks.

" do you know what you would like to order?" the waitress asked

"Yea ill take the cheese burger with mayo and fries" 

"and you sir"

"Ill take the same thanks" i looked at her and smiled she smiled back.

"sounds great" the waitress said before walking off. I studied Caroline on her phone for a little while until she put it down and i started a conversation.

"so... tell me about you Caroline"

"what do you wanna know"

"Everything"  I looked deep into her eyes

{Caroline's POV}

"Everything" he said looking at me like he was intrigued by something with his perfect hazel eyes that almost made me melt 

"um well I play soccer and ice hockey, I live with my brother, his wife and my beautiful nephew Lucas I love the city but it could get tiring i love to read and i love tea" I spoke fast so he wouldn't think i was annoying that would suck if he though i was annoying.

"well Ice hockey is definitely a turn on" I looked at him with wide eyes and just started to laugh

"what?!"I said a bit too loudly 

"Im just saying i play ice hockey and for a girl to play it's rare"

"well accept it Bieber, Now tell me about you" i said interested

"Well i'm Justin Bieber i'm pretty sure Wikapedia has a pretty accurate description" he pause and i was kinda taken a back by that shitty remark "i was kidding... But anyways I live by myself most of the time but with my parents i guess i have two siblings a little brother and a little sister i love them, i Play ice hockey and basketball mostly but i think i could play anything, i love to sing and probably hang out with my friends most of the time" he said with a playful smile that smiled that i absolutely couldn't resist.

"well we should play hockey sometime you know see who's better " I said challenging him

"Is caroline challenging the one and only Justin Bieber to a one on one hockey game"

"i think she is" I exclaimed just as he was about to say something the food came and it looked so good i just wanted to burry my face in it. Don't get me wrong i work out im not lazy but when it comes to burgers i just can't.

"wow lets eat shall we" he said with excitement in his voice 


After we finished the food Justin wouldn't let me pay for my bill so i just let it go. We walked back to the car and headed back to the hotel.

"Hey you said you lived with your brother right? But what about your parents?" He asked that question hit me pretty hard but i was kind of expecting it i looked down a bit the looked at him.

"Um they're dead" i said slowly

"Oh gosh Car i'm so sorry i had no idea"

"yeah i know don't worry about it i get that question a lot"

" no i'm really sorry"

"dont worry" was the last thing i said. The rest of the ride was silent, we got to the hotel and he walked me up to my room. "thanks for taking me out to lunch i enjoyed it" I said with a smile

"Hey anytime partner and how does tonight sound?"

"Tonight for what?'

"we have to practice before tomorrow remember the wedding" he looked at me as i remembered 

"Oh man yeah, tonight is great ill be here" I said he nodded and kissed my cheek then left, I walked into my room closed the door then leaned against it and slid down to sit. Just that one kiss on the cheek made sparks fly between us. Tonight was in no time and i couldn't wait.



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