Thats Just The Way Life Is (A Justin Bieber fan fiction)

Caroline Green's long time friend invited her too her wedding and to her surprise it is the one and only Niall Horan that her friend is marrying and when caroline gets to the meeting two days before the wedding and see's who she's partnered up with lets say life will take its corse and give her what she might have always been waiting for.


1. Leaving London

      "DANIEL"! I screamed "Where the hell did you put my duffle bag"?!
"Its on the book shelf by the bar" He yelled back. I ran down the the 1st floor of my brothers fairly large house to get my duffle bad for my best friend Cristina's Wedding. Mr and Mrs. Niall Horan can you believe that as much as I dont like one direction like that, im happy for her i know she trully loves him and they will be perfect for each other after all it's her dream come true as she says.
"Aunty Carol can you play cars with me pleaseeee"? My three year old nephew Luke begged, My Brother is 27 and i happen to live with him i have been for 4 years now since my parents died in a car accident after going to court about their divorce. Its been hard and I miss them every day but I have to move on.
"I cant sweety, aunty has to go bye bye but I will be back soon so we can play I promise." i have so much love for that boy it isnt even funny I watched him as he walked away upset it kills me when he's upset.
"Caroline! Your flight to Ireland is in an hour and a half, if you dont get your ass in the car in 5 minutes im not taking you anymore." My brother shouted from the kitchen up stairs.
"Dan watch the language" Said my brothers wife Kate
"YEAH IM COMIN" I shouted. I ran upstaris shoving the rest of the small thinggs i need for the plane in my duffle bag i took it and ran to the kitchen."Kate my maid of honor dress"?
"Here you go perfectly done for a perfectly beautiful girl."she said as she kissed my cheek and        gave me a big hug. I heard my brother turn on the car and tell Luke to get back up stairs to 
his mom. I ran down stairs put my stuff in the trunk my dress on the hook by the back seat and i was set.
"You have your ticket?" My brother asked
"Did you give your nephew a kiss goodbye?"
"And im doing that  now" "LUKE!" he appeard at the door step "get down here and give aunty a big smooch." he ran down those staris so fast he looked like he was flying. I gave him a big hug and kissed then me and my brother got in the car and we drove off. 
"Be careful out there you know I get worried about you" my brother said with a worried look on his face.
"Dan I'm 19 I think I'm able to take care of my self" " I'm just telling you to keep your eyes open you know you will always be my number one girl Car just please be careful"
i looked at him and smiled slightly because he cared so much and that meant a lot. A couple minutes passed and we pulled up at the airport. The lot was almost full but there was still parking we ran in with all my stuff to check in. I got all of my things ready and put them on the counter so the lady could embark them put my book bag on my back and headed towards the security checks to say my last goodbye to my brother.
"don't forget to call when you get there, and get something for Luke like he asked, here" he said handing me an envelope "the money you need to have the perfect vacation" he looked at me and smiled.
"okay Dan I have to go"

"fine give ur old brother a kiss and a big hug" he hugged me so tight he picked me up then let go and kissed my cheek again said goodbye and left.
i walked through security heading over to my flight for Ireland wow this is exciting.

"flight 4B to Mullingar, Ireland will be departing in 5 minutes" perfect, i stood up from my seat and walked to the front of the doorway to my flight i gave the lady my ticket and walked into the walkway on my way to the airplane. i took my seat and waited for everyone to get on so we can go. 



 Hello every one this is my first fan fiction i hope you like it enjoy like/ comment i will be updating soon 

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