Thats Just The Way Life Is (A Justin Bieber fan fiction)

Caroline Green's long time friend invited her too her wedding and to her surprise it is the one and only Niall Horan that her friend is marrying and when caroline gets to the meeting two days before the wedding and see's who she's partnered up with lets say life will take its corse and give her what she might have always been waiting for.


2. Arriving in Mullingar

               As i walked through the gate i realized there was a sign with my name on it i'm guessing my cab driver "yes hello i am Caroline Grace" "Oh hello let me take that for ya" said a middle aged man in an irish accent "thank you" i slightly smiled. He lead me to the car and we soon drove off to the Mullingar International Hotel. We arrived a few minutes later and it was beautiful and big at least it was nice.

"um thank you do i have to pay you anything?" the man giggled

" no love it is all taken care of"

"oh okay great thanks" i got my stuff and walked through the front door trying not to mess up my dress. i walked toward the front desk,

"hello and welcome to the Mullingar International how may i assist you today" 

"Hi i am staying here for 10 days i have a room reserved under the name Dan Grace"

"okay give me a minute" the lady said typing on her computer

" ahh yes you are room 345 go right ahead to the elevators and they should take you up here is your key." She handed me a room card and escorted me to the elevators and left as I waited for the elevators. Well I have to get up there and quickly change from my airport clothes so I can go down for the wedding meeting and then later on today would be the bachelorette party that I was excited for. I walked into the room 'wow' the room was beautiful it had the most perfect view and it was comfortable. I walked into the bathroom washed my face and put on some light make up the usual morning routine, I put this on

 and looked at my petit body in the mirror stroking in between my blonde curls to make then natural. 'Perfectly imperfect' I told my self 'lets go meet these people Car' I told myself out loud as I grabbed my cellphone and my room key. As I walked onto the elevator I began to dial my brothers number to tell him I was here.

"Hey Caroline how was your flight?"

"Hey wow I miss you already it was great its beautiful I don't have much time to talk because I'm going to a meeting now but I just wanted to call you to tell you I was here"

"look at you my little sister all grown up busy going to meetings okay love you talk to you soom" I hung up and the elevator doors opened I went to the concierge to make sure where the meeting was gonna be I was so excited to see everyone there were people from middle school that I knew.

"Excuse me" I called the man over

"yes ma'am how may I help you" he replied quickly

"I am looking for Cristine and Nialls wedding pre bridal meeting"

" ah yes you must be Caroline Grace?"

"Yes how did you know?"

"You're the only one left love"

" oh my goodness I knew I would be late can you tell me where it is"

" just down the hall to the left there is a big golden door open it and there's the party"

"Okay great thank you so much" I fast walked my way there and saw the gold door I slowly opened the doors trying not to make a sound, unfortunately i failed at being quiet and everyone turned around and looked at me and Cristine screamed stood up and ran to me along with her sister Carmen and a few of these other girls that were in my middle school that i wasn't really close with but i could tell they were way too excited to have this many famous people, as for me I could honestly care less 

"oh my I'm so glad you came Car I've missed you terribly"

" wow Cristine you look great, I wouldn't have missed it for the world"

"let me introduce you to some people that you probably already know" she whispered giggling and walking me over to the party 

" this is Niall my fiance" she said with a smile

"soon to be husband, and its so nice to finally meet you " he smiled and so did I

"This is Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam as you might know already" she giggle " and this is Elenor and you already know Samantha and Carmen obviously, oh and i almost for got" she looked at me with that i'm gonna hook you um with yet another guy' look and smiled "this is Justin" I smiled at all of them and when to take a seat next to Justin Bieber the only seat available dont get me wrong i'm not sure he's my type, but i dont know there is something about him that makes me wanna smile.

"Nice to meet you" Justin whispered sticking his hand out

"like wise" I shook his hand looking at him he smiled at me and i smiled back. The meeting was starting we looked up at Cristine who started us off

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