Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


9. chapter 9 (The secound Forever)

                    "When you're weak, I'll be strong When you let go, I'll hold on When you need to cry, I swear that I'll be there to dry your eyes When you feel lost and scared to death, Like you can't take one more step Just take my hand, together we can do it
I'm gonna love you through it.."---I'm gonna love you threw it by Martin McBride.

          “Come on baby wake up.” pleads a familiar male voice. I try and lift my head up but it doesn’t comply.
“Yah princess wake up for us.” I knew that voice, it belonged to my favorite Irish boy, Niall.
“Were going to take her of the morphine and put her on a much smaller dose so she’ll wake up any minute.” Says a overly cheery nurse. I push as hard as I can against the morphine wall and try to say something. No such luck.. 6 or so minutes later I can feel the hazy, morphine induced wall being lifted and I slowly open my eyes.
“AH THE LIGHT!” I yell and snap my eyes shut again. Someone gets up and the lights flicker off.
“Louie would be proud of you for saying that.” Harry winks at me when I open my eyes again.
“Whatever.” I pat the bed next to me and Harry climbs into the cot with me with Niall sitting Indian style at my bare feet.
“So how long was I asleep?” I ask.
“2 bloody days and Damn did we miss you.” answers Niall.
“Everyone went home, like, 5 hours ago.” says Harry squeezing my hand.
“That ok as long as I have you 2 i’m fine.” they flash me a smile and Harry says;
“Oh and Eleanor brought you a sack of clothes to change into because the doc’s said you could leave as soon as you woke up.”I nod and see my rucksack propped up in a chair. There’s a soft knock on the door and a doctor walks in.
“Hello Delilah i’m Doctor Montgomery and i’d like to have little chat with you. Alone?”
“Can my boyfriend stay?” I ask.
“Of course.” Niall shuffles out of the room and closes the door behind him. Harry kisses my forehead and sits on the plastic chair by the hospital bed.
“You had a concussion but it went away rather quickly, but you will most likely be getting some headaches so we prescribed some headache medicine to you.” I nod and continues on.
“You also re-broke your wrist so be put a more sturdy cast on.” I look at my arm and realize that my cast is even bigger than before and Is now turquoise.
“Now we noticed some unusual swelling in you right breast, which is usually normal for a girl you age, but you have already stopped purity so while you were sedated we had a Mammogram performed on you.” I nod and he continues.
“We found that you have stage 2 breast cancer, I’m so sorry. The good news is that your survival rate is remarkably high. “ I nod and he leaves the room.
“Oh my God.” I breath. Harry quickly hopes into the bed, pulling me onto his lap. He pulls me to him and I grab his shirt in my hands, sobbing loudly. I can feel Harrys tear dropping onto my forehead and hair which only makes me cry harder.
“Shhh baby. Everything is going to be ok.When you're weak, I'll be strong When you let go, I'll hold on When you need to cry, I swear that I'll be there to dry your eyes When you feel lost and scared to death, Like you can't take one more step Just take my hand, together we can do it cause I'm gonna love you through it. You’re my whole world and you my everything, baby i love you and you are my forever.” Harry whispers, stroking my hair and kissing my head softly.
“Harry, Mate, what the hell is going on?” asks Niall sounding very worried.
“Love i’m going to talk to Niall for a minute and i’ll be back.” I nod. When he leaves I curl up in the federal possession under the thin and scratchy blanket the hospital had left for me. I let the numbness take over and lets my expression flatten. Why me? Lord what did I do to deserve this? What did anyone deserve this? The door is thrown open and Niall attacks me in a big bear hug.
“I’m sorry princess. I love you so much and i’ll stand by you no matter what ok?” says a broken hearted Niall threw his tears. I nod. 30 minutes later I’ve changed into the cloth Eleanor had brought me. A fringe top and a pink-dip-hem midi skirt with a pair of shiny, black leather, lace-up heels. Bless El for giving me my fox ring and pony tails but she sadly forgot my make-up. I pull my hair into a messy bun and rub some Eos summer fruit flavored lip balm. We walk out of the hospital silently, Paul and some other security guards keeping the fans and paps at bay. Harry wraps his arm around my waist and Niall hold my hand tightly. We spot the Range Rover and hop in. I sit between Niall and Harry and Paul drives us back to Harry's house.
(A/N: Hello guys... I’m sorry about putting Delilah in the hospital but my story needs this. So you pretty people I made a Polyvore and will set up a link so you can see her out fits through out the book.. Lots of Love


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