Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


6. chapter 6

                   (A/N: I’m back!!! hehehe Mexico was fun and now I’m tan! Well this is going read very vainly but I’m falling in love with my stories *Shy smile*. I know i’m an oddball but you love me anyways. Oh and Take me home just came out and I memorised almost all the songs ;) I also realized something... Whenever a story has a baby and its Harrys, its named Darcy. Sometimes the spelling is different but still...It’s a little odd, like I missed something in the week I was away. Anyway this story is getting reads faster than ‘Nothings gonna be the same’ did so Thats bloody fantastic! Well stay stunning!

I open the box and a the label reads Tiffany and Co. A beautiful necklace with a heart shaped pendant made up of diamonds greats me. I gasp slightly and pull out the silver chain. Harry grins at me widley and says:

“Do you like it?”
“Haz I love it!” He pulls my hair from my neck and clips the cooled necklace around my bare neck . I hug him tightly and don’t let go.
“Oh Harbear how come you never do anything like this for me.” Louie fakes hurt.
“Shh Lou don’t ruin their moment.” Snaps El. I pull away and notice a piece of paper attached to the box. I reach for It and read the words.
for Delilah: Good for 1 free tattoo. Valid any time. Xx Harry
“Oh my God I always wanted a tattoo!” I smile at Harry and he nods.
“I know so we could get his and her tattoos like all the other couples are doing nowadays!” Its my turn to nod.
“Lets go tomorrow.” I suggest. Harry calls his buddy Ed and set up the date and time.
“Lets go shopping.” says Eleanor lazley.
“Sounds good to me.” I reply.
“Can I come.” Begs Niall giving me his puppy dog eyes. I suppress an ‘Awww’.
“No you just want to use us to get food from the food court.” laughs El. I nod in agreement and pick up my black north face and purse. El follows me outside but before I get In the car I run inside and give Harry a peck on the lips.
“Bye!” I giggle to a stunted Harry, as well as the laughing boys. Eleanore pulls out and we make our way to the mall.
(The Next Day...)
“Lets get a lock and key!” suggests Harry. I smile bobbing my head. Today is the day i’m getting my first tattoo. Well 2 of them. Harry plops down in Eds chair and quickly puts a simple lock tattoo onto his left arm.
“Your turn.” Harry smiles reassuringly. I sit down slowly and Ed swabs of my left arm. Thank goodness that It was my Right arm the was broken.*Insert eyeroll*. He pierced my skin with the cool, black needle and goes to work . After 5 minutes of pain the tattoo of a simple key is done. I admire it and, touching it gingerly. Harry says that I hold the key to his heart and That I will always have his heart just like I will alway have this tattoo.
“So yah wanted a cross tattoo on the top of you had just under your thumb with a small, black heart in the bottom right hand corner as well right?” asks Ed. I nod yes and he starts on my hand. This on killed but he finished it more quickly than the other one.
“You look bad arse D.” Says Harry but I just roll my eyes at him.
“Whatever are you ready to go?” I ask .
“Yeppers! hey lets get some nandos on the way home.”
“Shhh!” I put a finger to my lips, “Niall might hear you.”
“But Niall isn’t here.” Mutters Harry confused.
“So Niall has super hearing when It come to food! And, ello, This is Nandos were talking about!” Harry wides beautiful green eyes and takes my hand.
“I totally- LETS GO TO NANDOS!!!” screams Harry as soon as we walk outside. Just then Harry gets a text from Niall about meeting up at Nandos. Just kidding. But Niall and Liam just so happen to be driving by slowly and Niall makes Liam pull into the parking lot.
“See you twat! This is why you should never doubt me ever again.
“Hey guys! were ready to go to Nandos!” Niall says, grinning happily.
“Fine.” sulks Liam.
“God Li-Li don’t get so excited; Its just Nandos.” I joke good naturedly. Liam pokes his tongue out me and says:
“1st don’t call me Li-Li and 2nd me and Nialler will meet you there.”
After lunch we say our goodbyes and head back to Harry's flat. I’m so happy cause the doctor just called and said that I could take of my foam boot! So tonight we’re going clubbing. I pop open the can on the rubbish bin and throw the ugly boot in.
“Harry you need to get off the couch and get ready! We’re leaving in 2 hours.”
“Uh babe, unlike you it doesn’t take me 2 hours to get ready.” I roll my eyes at him and bounce up the stairs. After arm shower i blow dry my wet hair and curl it to perfection. Only an hour left. I take my cast out of the plastic bag and step into the bedroom in just my navy blue lace knickers and a black strapless bra. I grab the dress I brought over to Harry’s. I slip it on and admire myself in the full length mirror. It’s a pretty simple black dresses. The long sleeves have a bunch of slits cut into them that run the length of both of the sleeves. The front is cut in a low scoop neck and the hem just barely covers my rather fit bum. I step into my silver glitter covered stiletto heels. The heel is covered in ‘diamonds’. I adjust the necklace Harry got me and apply a cut cateye to the my top lid also applying some pink lipstick . I slowly walk down stairs. Harry lets out a wolf whistle and I blush. He kisses my hand and pulls me into him.
“You look gorgeous.” Harry mutters in my ear.
“You don’t look so bad yourself.” I say giving him a cheeky wink.. He kisses the soft spot on my collar bone causing me to moan a bit. He smirks and pulls away.
“Tease.” I mutter grabbing by simple, black., square shaped clutch. He places his hand on the small of my back and I shiver. We get in the car and drive to the club.
20 minutes later we pull into the club parking lot and the paps greet us with flashing bulbs. Harry grabs my hand and squeezes 3 times. I squeezes back 4 times and we walk past the burly security guard and into the sweaty club where the boys are waiting. 3 squeezes mean ‘I love you’. 4 Is ‘I love you to’. It’s me and Harrys thing that we made up when we went on our first date all those years ago.


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