Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


5. chapter 5


Do any of you remember when I stubbed by food on the door? Probably not but I did. So now i have a foam boot and a Lilac colored cast. Getting plaster poured onto your arm just isn’t as fun as it sounds. I look like a truck ran me over and on top of that the doctor said no drinking! He wouldn’t even tell me why. Idiot. Also Niall meets us there because hes my best friend. Harry signs my cast first in silver sharpie It reads

I love you feel better and I’m sorry for breaking your wrist but you really shouldn’t hit A Haz in the balls. Its just not a good idea <3

and then he says:

“Now don’t go selling this for money young lady!” we giggle like to kids then Niall signs it:

May you always be hungry ~Love Niall

Louie signs my cast:

SUPERMAN! ~was here~ Louie-Tommo-Tomlinson.

“You’re such a twat.” I smile at Lou

“But he’s my twat!” Harry gives Louie a kiss on the cheek and they cuddle.
“Harry do you know how easy it is to get a boyfriend in this town? Let go of Louis and I won't have to prove it.”
“You are so twisted.” says Harry shaking his head.
“But you love me right Har-Har?” I give him my sweetest face and he sits next to me.
“How could I say know no that face. Yo worse that Liam.” I kiss his cheek and we stand up. Niall accidently run into a very girl with jet black hair and yellow looking eyes.
“Oh god I’m sooo sorry!” the girls turns to run of but louie grabs her arm.
“Waite what’s your name love?”
“It’s Sammy. And yah I know who you are.” They quickly exchange numbers and I have to physically pull Niall away from the girl.
“I’m sorry Ni-Ni but I need my pain killers because, If you didn’t happen to notice, Some of my major limbs are broken!.” I sas. He pouts but follows after us.


“Oh. My. God.” I pull out a top that reads ‘Legal’ in bold pink script.

“If my mom catches me wearing this she’ll murder me.” I smile at the cute crew neck and hug Harry. Next is a crop top that reads ‘Harry please’ Its grey with white letters. That ones adorable. I hug Zayn tightly. Niall hands me a round gift and a bag. I unwrap the ball to

find a Volleyball. Its white, green and has little 4 leaf clovers all over it. Next is the bag and it has 5 pairs of volleyball spandex. 2 pairs of metallic, sparkly boy cut spandex in Purple, my favorite color, and black, 1 pair of zebra print boy cut spandex in neon green, A pair of black boy cut spandex with how to do a jump serve on the but, and a pair of plain black boy cut spandex. There is also a pair of knee socks with clovers on them and a pack of headbands in, like, 20 different colors. I give Niall a kiss on the cheek and he flushes red. Next up is Liam. I unwrap the neat little package and pull out a metal, high tech bangle.
“It’s called an IBangel and can control any of you apple products including your IPad, IPhone and and any other apple products you may have.” i nod and give Liam a soft hug. Ever since him and Dani broke up he’s been acting differently. He got 2 tattoos and shaved his hair of. Plus he’s giving all the fucking fan girls heart attacks every time his name is mentioned. They needed each other but I just wasn’t going to work out. Louie hands me a black case and I squeal because I know what it is. A new Nikon D4 camera! I‘m ready to die of joy. Elle and Louie share a knowing smile and I hug them both. I love photography. I love taking pictures of Harry and I together but I used my camera so much it died and the techs at best buy couldn’t fix it. Finely comes Harrys. He hands me a Velvet box. I open it up and see................
(A/N: Duh duh duh! cliffhanger time! hello chaps! I wish there were more lads on movellas. I would love read some stories written by guys! And it would be totally brill if you guys helped out ;) anywho sorry for my excessive use of british slang. I’m just writing to many stories with british people in them but I love those bloody Brits so I don’t really give a rats arse :) kk going to mexico on the (th and note coming back until the 16th so it will be nearly impossible to update. kk well bye for now! oh and P.S. I think i’m getting a coauthor for ‘Let’s stay friends?’ and maybe this one as well! wish us luck oh a P.P.S. I came up with a name for people who are always reading and liking and writing Fanfictions: (This describes me to so don't feel bad) FanFiction slut. I'm deff. one are you?,Anways From a British wanna be

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