Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


19. Chapter 19ish (Over.)

Delilah Point Of View:

     My mession was set. In One year I would return, notas myself but as a new and improved version of myself. As what? Well that was to be determined. As who was the biggest question that was "To be determined". All this would be answerd in a years time. Until then i'll be keeping an eye on you and the boys. Much Love and in the words of the terminatior, "I'll be back."

AAHH The story is over :*3 even thought it was short i still love it and I hope you do too!!! If you didn't take the hind there will be a sequal that I came up with in the shower so it may be weird but it will kind of be a Niall/Harry fanfiction but not Narry or anything like that.. (Sorry Narry shippers!) You all are loved sooooooooooooooo much and have a safe and happy New Year, Much Love;


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