Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


18. chapter 18 (Purple Orcids)

(“Then torn from life, Maybe you were needed up there but we’re still unaware as why.” Ed Sheeran’s ‘Small Bump’.)

Nobodys Point of view:

White walls contain the girls limp and dying body while the ones who love her hold on to the strand of life left in her. Regrets are what most of them feel. Mostly the curly haired boy, the Blonde bombshell and her best girlfriend. Memories of betrayals and promises broken filter through there scattered brains as well as things they could have-Should have done differently. They assumed the cancer would take her away from them...Not a freak accident caused by a drunk driver. She was too sweet to be taken away from them. She was the center of the curly ones whole world even though he had a funny way of showing it to her and the rest of the boys. The only other girl in the room had vacant eyes and tear stained cheeks. She knew this was all her fault. If only she hadn't been so mean to her and just let her take her time with telling the curly haired one her bestfriend would be dying. Each time a doctor walk past their hopes lift until they find out that there is no news on the girl they all have come to love so dearly.

Delilahs P.O.V:

The golden arch stretched across the soft ground, probably 100 feet (30 meters) high. I knew were I was. I loved it here. My hair was back my strength was fully replenished and my green orbs were back to their bright green.

“Hello beautiful.” smiled my dad. My dad, my biological dad was dead and I didn’t even know it until now.

“Hi Daddy.” I fall into his big arms and he squeezed me tightly causing my white dress to swish around me.

“Oh dear how I missed you.” He say’s in an american accent.

“I’ve missed you too.” I smile brightly. He hands me a while flower and I put it into my hair.

“Time to come home baby girl, we’ve been waiting for you.” I follow my dad thru the pearly gates and we walk into the kingdom of God. The streets buzzed with the spirits of all those that were dead. We glide down the streets lined in gold and emerald, roses and purple orchids fill the empty spaces and very few buildings can be seen. Over the horizon I can see the largest building I have ever seen in my whole life. White marble pillars and a large gold dome with carvings of angels and profits and the final supper were skillfully carved into the outer walls.

“Time to meet our maker baby girl.” My dad says and we walk into the lords house.

(A/N: Hi guys...this chapter made me almost cry so you not alone if you just about cried as well. This chapter is one of my best chapters i've ever written or so I think so... If you disagree thats okay but I really like so I hope you do aswell. I only expect to write on more chapter then in a little while there will be a sequal! So i'll talk to you soon and you can read one of my other storys in the meantimes, Much Love


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