Hey there Delilah (Complete)

Delilah is an ordinary girl dating an extrordnary Boy name Harry Styles. Forever has never been relevent to her but harry shows her the way. She'll meet new friends along the way while Harry shows her the truth about forever. But when Delilah is put threw something no one would wish on there worst enmie there relationship will be tested and so will Forever.


10. chapter 10 (telling all)

          “God damnit.” I curse loudly as another small clump of my hair fall out. Harry kisses my knuckles and wipes the stray tear from my cheek..
“We need to tell the boys and Eleanor today before I lose anymore of my hair.” I sigh.
“Ok baby it’s all up to you.” I look away, biting my bottom lip. Harry groans.
“Don’t do that babe, it’s too sexy.”
“Do what? This?” I bit my lip and pout a little. He pushes me up against the bathroom wall, sliding his hands under my thighs, pulling me up of the ground.
“Yes that.” I smirk and tilt my head towards his, biting his bottom lip. He flicks his tongue across my teeth and I cring.
“You know that I hate that.” I scold. Much like Niall i have braces but there the invisalign teen kind.
“But you love me.”
“Eh.” I shrug my shoulders. slams his lip into mine and i run my finger threw his hair and watch the lights go wild.(Any Swiftie will know where this is from ;D~~). He slides his hand down my side then to my hip where he runs his soft hand down the side of my thigh. slowly his hand makes its way to my inner thigh. I moan and pull his hand away. I look down and release his hand.
“Harry you know that i’m not ready.” I whisper.
“I’m sorry baby I shouldn’t have done-” I press my lips to his and he stiffened in surprise. He relaxes and cups my face to his with one of his hands on my waist. I cup a hand on the back of his neck and pull one of my hands into his sexy curls.
“E W W W!!!!” Screams Louie how had just flung open the door, “MY EYES!!!!!!” I roll my eyes, exasperated.
“God Louis you need to quit being a singer and become a professional moment runnier.” I growl.
“Did you just Growl ?” Ask Harry. I nod sheepishly.
“Well I think that it’s se-”
“NOT MY EARS TO!” screams Lou, running out of the bathroom.
“Sexy.” Finishes Harry. This was going to be a long day. 20 minutes later i’m in my I love Paris top and pink and black striped jeans. I slip My music robot necklace and ‘Not all who wander are lost’ spiral ring. I lace up my black combat boots and throw my hair into a ponytail and tie a pink bow around the hair tie. I stand up and brush of the imaginary dust on my jeans. Time to spill the truth.


The boys and their girlfriends are all gathered around the island in the kitchen.

“Hey sexy whats up?.” smiles Eleanor.
“Nothing much beautiful.” I smile back at her. My hands shake and I take a seat in front of them. Harry stands behind me with his hands on my shoulders, rubbing circles into my back with this thumbs.
“Guys.” they all look at me and there chatter is cut short. Niall grabs my hand. I think he knows what i’m about to tell them.
“I need to tell you guys something.”
“Oh God Harry forgot to use protection didn’t he!?” sighs Liam like its happened before.
“Bloody hell Liam we haven’t even had sex yet.” say Harry. I blush a scarlet color and trudge on.
“So you all remember when I was in the hospital right?” They probably do because it only happened 2 weeks ago. They nod.
“So apparently I had some weird swelling in my chest but doctors thought it was just me developing. But since I had stopped changing along time ago they were concerned.” I pull in a shaky breath a squeeze Niall had tightly.
“They ended up giving me a Mammogram while I was asleep. They found that I have stage 2 Metastatic breast cancer.” I let the tears fall from my eyes and Harry pull me into a hug. I see all of the boys faces fall as they taken in the news. I see zayn with his head in his hands and perrie and El holding on to each other. Liam comes over and pulls me into his warm embrace. Louie stands there with a shocked expression on his boyish face. After a while everything returns to the way things were before I told them.
“The type of cancer I have will spread if not treated right away so I start Chemo in 3 days.” They nod solemnly.
“Hey we can totally go wig shopping together!” cheers Lou.
“No babe shes going with me and P.” scolds Eleanor. He nods, pouting.
“How about all of us go to Skylon for dinner.” suggests Niall.
“Sounds like a plan mate.” agrees Harry.
“You guys in?” asks Liam looking at Zayn, Perrie, Eleanor and Louie. They nod. Eleanor grabs my arm and drags me up stairs.
“Were going to go get ready! P hurry up.” Perrie follows us and we fall into my room.
“Delilah I’m picking out your outfit.” says Eleanor. I know that there is no point in arguing with her because she always wins. She throws a pink dress with a low v-cut neckline at me. I strip down and throw on the dress. I slide a wooden feather necklaces on to my neck and slide and owl ring on to right middle finger. I slip into my only pair of brown, high heeled, brogues. I wrap a thin brown belt around my waist and am ready to go. I see Eleanor pulling on my black, short sleeve top with a white lace collar. She tucks the shirt into the white skirt that she was wearing when she came over and pulls on my thick brown belt. I hand her my pink gold filigree shield ring and she smiles at me. I also hand her a pair of pale pink heels with T shaped straps. I see that Perrie still hasn’t decided so I step in front of her and grab a black dress with a sweetheart neckline and a white and black sleeveless neck thing. Then I grab A pair of tall nude colored heels and she slides the outfit on. Eleanor curls all of our hair and pins a diamond studded bow into Perries blond curls. I hand Perrie a fat ring with flowers filling the inside. Eleanor pulls on my black wool bowler hat and tilts it back slightly. Perrie does a black cat eye on her eye and reapplies some coverup. Eleanor, Being the gorgeous girl she is, just put on some pink lippy. I on the other hand put on some powder pink lipstick then some cover up. I comb my eyelashes with my mascara and then curl them to make them look bigger. Then I rimm my green orbs with black eyeliner on my bottom lid. I brush my teeth then i’m ready.
“I don’t get why you wear so much make up Delilah. You’re drop dead beautiful and you don’t need anything but a little bit of lipstick..” I blush at Eleanors kind words and shake my head no.
“Not true. You're even prettier than I am.” I reply
“Ok so you know how you and Harry have the same color eyes?” I nod.
“And you know how many people are in love with his beautiful green orbs?”
“Don’t remind me.” I mutter.
“Well just imagine them on a beautiful girl like you! They are 3 times as effective on a girl.” I roll my eyes at her.
“Lets go.” I stand up and grab my brown vintage clutch and hand Eleanor her Vera Bradley crossbody purse and then hand Perrie her Alexander McQueen black patent skull box clutch. Time to go to dinner with the boys. And girls. We walk down stairs and i see the boys dressed in tan, grey and black chinos. Harry was wearing his famous blazer and bow tie while Niall is in a red, button down short sleeve shirt and Louie wore the same thing but in white. Liam was clad in a light grey suit jacket and a plaid, long sleeve, button down shirt. Zayn is in a plain black cardigan and a white and tight t-shirt. Harry grabs my waist and we step outside. The paparazzi snap pictures of all of us until we reach the Limo. We all pile in, careful not to flash anyone, and we drive to Skylon.

(A/N: HELLLOOOOO!! right now its 4:17am and I just wrote a 8 page chapter so ya'll should be thankful. Just sayn'. Yester day (A.K.A 4 hours ago.) ways thankgiving and I did celibrate it. I know what your thinking. but you american and George Washington passed the Thanksgiving proclamatiom so you have to celabrate! Yah my dads a cop and A drug dealer/uses shot up this ladys house and he barracaded him self into that home. My dad was there for the whole 8 hour stand of. My dad works from 7pm to 7am but to day he worked a 20 hour shift that he didn't get paid for even though he sacrifised his Thansgiving to protect his city. So in a couple of hours when everyone else wakes up i'll be having Thanksgiving dinner on a Friday. Oh and I get to read scripture in front of my whole church this Sunday :) joy. Well Stay stunning



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