Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


1. The Polite Thing To Do -Harry-

Harry's P.O.V

"Guys lets go! We're going to lose our reservations!" Liam shouted and I rushed into the flat's living room.
"You made reservations?" I asked pulling my shoes on.
"Well, we have a lot of people." Liam said and Louis came into the room.
We were going out for Louis' twenty-first birthday. No where fancy just one of our favorite restaurants.
"Are you guys ready, I've been waiting for hours!" Louis shouted coming into the room.
"I believe we're the ones who've been waiting!" Zayn said from the sofa.
I laughed and checked my phone, it was a habit. It'd been two years since I'd last heard from Alaina. She was my best friend, and then she just stopped talking to me.
I'd gone home for a holiday, and she'd moved. I was so upset, she hadn't even told me she was moving.
What did I do to deserve this?
"Harry, you okay lad?" Louis asked looking at me concerned.
"Yeah just-"
"Thinking of Alaina, we know mate. It's the same look you get everyday." Louis sympathized. "I don't want a mopey Harry at my birthday, so cheer up!"
"I just, I don't understand what I did! She was my best friend one day and I make it to boot camp and she's doesn't even answer her phone anymore." I said dropping my head defeatedly.
"Cheer up, Hallie is going to be there tonight! You two get on pretty well." Liam said and I nodded still upset.
"I suppose I do like Hallie...,alright let's go. " I lied and pretended to be happy again.
"That's the spirit mate!" Liam said and Niall walked in.
"Guys I'm starving can we please go?" He said impatiently.
"Yes of course, alright let's go." Liam said and we all headed out the door.
On the car ride to the restaurant I thought about Alaina. She'd given me a necklace and told me if I ever found myself missing her to wear it. I'd never taken it off.
Maybe it was because I was actually in love with her, she wasn't just my best friend. She was the girl I loved, that I still love. My heart is hurt that she ignores me, that she never stayed in touch.
I was still upset when we reached the restaurant, but quickly put a smile on my face.
"Harry, Merry Christmas!" A petite girl in a small yellow dress rushed over to me as I stepped out of the car.
"Hi Hallie, nice to see you. Merry Christmas to you too." I smiled politely and kissed her cheek.
"How are you?" She asked as we waited in line to be seated.
"I'm fine." I lied.
"Great." She said sensing my curtness and her smile faded.
"I'm sorry Hallie, how are you?" I realized my rudeness.
"I'm wonderful, going to be working on a new shoot right after Christmas." She exclaimed her smile returning.
"That's great." I faked a smile again.
Louis came over with Eleanor and they were smiling.
"Hi Lou, Happy Birthday!" Hallie smiled and Louis hugged her kissing her cheek.
"Thanks Hal." He smiled happily.
"I can't wait for your actual birthday!" Eleanor smiled brightly, I'm pretty sure she had something planned.
We all went silent as Liam checked us in and we were seated.
"So, why did we get reservations for here?" Zayn asked.
"Well, I know it's nothing fancy, but we have quite a few people with us and if we hadn't made reservations, they wouldn't have been able to prepare." Liam shrugged.
"So, what are we doing for Christmas?" Niall asked.
"I'm going home for the holiday." Zayn said sipping the water in front of us.
"Louis and I are staying at my parents house." Eleanor said and Louis smiled.
I wanted something like that, something so strong and real. I wished I could find a girl.
"I don't have any plans." Hallie said and then looked to me.
"I'm going to spend it with Harry." Liam added.
"Yes, Liam and I have decided to go back to Holmes Chapel for the holiday. Niall you're welcome to join us." I offered him.
"Sure, sounds great. My family is headed somewhere warm, I'd be glad to spend it in England." He smiled and I nodded.
"Hallie, you can come too. My mom would be thrilled to have you." I offered politely.
Her face lit up and she smiled. "Thanks Harry. I'll definitely come."
"Great." I faked another smile.

Something told me I'd be doing that a lot tonight.
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