Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


6. Some Explaining To Do ~Alaina~

Alaina's P.O.V

The photo shoot ended up being a huge amount of fun, they'd made both of us look so amazing.
We apparently did so well, that they wanted us to do a shoot at Coach. Which we, of course accepted.
"Great, see you both December Twenty Seventh." The photographer said.
"Thank you, Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful night." Hilary said as we walked out the two large doors.

We got into my car and I drove us home. Hilary was ecstatic, it was quite comical.
"Wasn't that the funnest thing you've ever done!?" She squealed as I pulled out of the parking lot.
"It was really fun. I am actually really glad you talked me into this." I admitted.
"You're welcome." She simply said.
I laughed at her face, I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was quite smug with herself.
"Are you staying over, or going home?" I asked.
"Staying over, we can go food shopping for Christmas dinner tomorrow." She said and I nodded.

The rest of the ride to my apartment was silent, I was thinking about Harry Styles following me.
Hilary wouldn't share the same excitement as me, so I decided not to tell her. She'd see it on Twitter anyway.

"Movie and ice cream?" I asked as we got back.
"Yes ma'am, I've got to pee like a race horse." She said running into the apartment like a maniac.
I laughed as she tried to get in, but the door was locked.
"Bloody hell! I'm going to pee me self." She screamed at me.
I laughed some more and then tossed her the keys.
"Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me." She ran into my bathroom faster than I've seen anyone run in stilettos.

I decided to change into sweats and check my Twitter while Hilary was in the toilet.
I had a new message and clicked on my little envelope.

From @Harry_Styles: Long time no see! Where've you been?

I frowned, what did he mean!? I'd never seen Harry in my life. Not even in concert...I decided to ask him what he meant.

@AlainaO'Riley18: What do you mean? I've never met you in my life...

I hit send and waited for a reply. Hilary looked over my shoulder and frowned.
"Why does he think you know him?" She asked.
"I don't know, but I really want to find out." I said and Hilary nodded.
"Let's watch the movie and you can find out later." Hilary said and I nodded.

We finished watching twenty seven dresses and I decided I should probably go to sleep. Even though I really want to see what Harry had to say.
I closed my eyes and waited for sleep to come, but it didn't. I got up and decided to go in the other room on my laptop and see if Harry had replied.
I grabbed my laptop and sat on the bed. My cat Jinx hopped up and laid down next to me. I logged onto my Twitter and saw I had a message.

@Harry_Styles: What do you mean Ally? We're best friends, or we were at could you say you've never met me?

This made no sense, then I thought about it. My accident! It was right around when Harry had Auditioned and it would make sense...

@AlainaO'Riley18: Harry I'm sorry, I don't remember. Tell me something that would prove it to me...

I felt awful, he was probably going to be really upset. I would be if my best friend forgot all about me, even if it was from amnesia.
I figured he'd be sleeping since it was almost one am, but a few minutes later he'd replied.

@Harry_Styles: You're middle name is Quinn, and you're birthday is August 4, 1994.

He was right, my middle name is Quinn and that is my birthday. How would he know that unless he was telling the truth?

@Harry_Styles: How could you have forgotten Alaina? You and I were so close...

Tears welled up, I didn't understand how my family forgot to mention my friendship with Harry. I typed my next message while crying.

@AlainaO'Riley18: I was in a car accident and I got amnesia, I forgot everything after I turned twelve. I don't understand it, or why no one reminded me of you.

I wiped my eyes, why didn't anyone tell me? I was definitely going to be calling my Dad tomorrow.

@Harry_Styles: I don't understand either, but when did you move? I went back to see you after I got home from tour, and you had moved.

@AlainaO'Riley18: We moved six months after my accident. Mum and Dad got divorced and I went to live with my Mum. I can't even believe this right now...

@Harry_Styles: Oh I'm sorry to hear that, but I have been waiting two years to talk to you, it's a bit shocking on my side as well. When can I see you?

Harry Styles was asking me when he could see me? This was amazing, but I forget I'm not some fan to him, I'm his best friend.

@AlainaO'Riley18: When's good for you?

@Harry_Styles: New Years? We're hosting a New Year party at Liam's flat, you can come!

A party with One Direction? I was so in!

@AlainaO'Riley18: Sounds great, I have to go to sleep now, Christmas food shopping tomorrow. Night Harry (:

@Harry_Styles: Good night Ally bear.

Ally bear? No one had called me that in a long time. Wait, no one had ever called me that, but it was so familiar!

I shrugged it off and headed to sleep the questions still in my head, but only the ones of why I was never told about Harry....My mom had some serious explaining to do!
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