Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


15. Say What!? -Harry-

Harry's P.O.V

"She's gorgeous Harry!" Louis said smiling.
"I know, and she hasn't changed a bit, everyone loves her, well except Hallie..." I said and Louis nodded.
"I heard about that, but from Hallie's side, not what was probably true..." Louis said and Eleanor gave him a look.
"Sorry." He said.
"Well, I'm not sure what you heard, but what happened was completely insane. One thing is for sure, those two girls better not ever be alone together again." I said and then it dawned on me, Alaina had gone to the bathroom, Eleanor had said Hallie was in the bathroom. Without another word I raced to the girls bathroom, just as Hallie was stepping out.
"Hi Harry." She said smiling and trying to give me a hug.
"Where's Alaina?" I asked and she smirked.
"What do you want with her?" She asked sounding disgusted.
"I want to know where she is Hallie!" I raised my voice.
"Harry, we don't have to worry about her anymore..." Hallie said running my arm and smiling.
"What have you done?" I asked and she just smiled.
I rushed into the bathroom and found Alaina lying on the floor. She was unconscious. I didn't know how to give CPR, that was Liam's job!
I burst out of the bathroom and ran to Liam.
"Liam! Liam!" I shouted and he came over to me.
"What!? What's wrong!?" He asked.
"Alaina, she's, she's not breathing!" I said and he ran passed me into the bathroom.
"Call for an ambulance Harry!" He said as he went into the bathroom.
I pulled out my phone and dialed for an ambulance.
"Please come to Night n Day Tag! My friend she's not breathing, someone choked her!" I said bad hung up.
I ran into the bathroom and Liam was performing CPR.
Everyone else came running in, except Hallie.
"What's going on!?" Louis and Eleanor asked as they came in behind Niall who was staring down at Alaina's lifeless body.
"What the hell happens!?" Louis asked angrily.
"Hallie..."I said and he went out the door, steaming mad.
"Hallie did this?" Eleanor asked covering her mouth.
I nodded and fell to my knees beside Liam and Alaina. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. Liam was doing all he could, but she just wasn't responding.
"C'mon Alaina, you escaped death once, you can do it again! C'mon!" I said and then paramedics burst through the door and Liam got up off the floor.
They checked her pulse, then pulled out a defibrillator and ripped open her dress, thank god it wasn't too fancy.
"CLEAR!" One shouted and pushed the machine onto her chest.
"Need more power!" He said and they turned it up a bit.
"CLEAR!" He shouted again as he did it two more times.
"Alright we've got a pulse, let's get her out of here!" They said and they loaded Alaina onto a gurney.
"Who here is family?" One of them asked and I raised my hand.
"You can come with us." She said and I nodded following them out into the ambulance.
A few cop cars were also out front and they were loading Hallie into one.
"I'll get Louis and we'll meet you at the hospital!" Eleanor said and I nodded.
I hopped up into the ambulance and grabbed Alaina's hand. They'd given her some oxygen, but she was still out.

As we sped off to the hospital the medics asked me a few questions.
"What happened?" The girl asked.
"Well, someone tried to strangle her to death..." I said and frowned.
"How old is she?" She asked.
"Eighteen." I said without thinking about it.
"Well, whoever that man was that was giving her CPR saved her life. She was dead, but he brought her back just enough to where we could shock her, she's owes her life to him!" The other medic said and I nodded.
I'd definitely remember to thank Liam.
I hoped Hallie would be sentenced to life in prison, but since Alaina's still alive, they'll probably charge her with attempted murder, and I don't know what that entitles.

We arrived at the hospital and I waited for them to roll Alaina out, before I jumped out myself.
They rolled her into the ER, and continued giving her oxygen, she could breathe on her own, but she lost a lot of air. Heck, she'd died.
"Sir, I'm Dr.Tyrone Mills, what's the girls name?" A doctor asked coming over with a clipboard.
"Alaina O'Riley, and I'm Harry." I said and he wrote something down.
"How old is she?" He asked.
"Eighteen." I answered. He nodded and sat down on a stool.
"Okay, so Harry, can you tell me what happened, I can see some bruise marks on her throat, but what exactly did you see?" He asked and I swallowed.
I hadn't seen much, barely enough actually.
"Well, this girl Hallie was in the bathroom and Alaina went to go to the bathroom as well. Last night Hallie had become jealous of Alaina so she went after her, she'd told Alaina not to go tonight, and that if she did, she'd make her life hell...I believe that Hallie strangled Alaina. I didn't see it though..." I explained and he nodded.
"I believe you're probably right. I think Alaina's gonna be just fine, we're gonna run a CT scan and make sure everything's okay in her brain, seeings how she lost oxygen for so long. Then we can send her on her way, but I don't want her being alone tonight!" The doctor warned.
"I'll keep her company." I said and he nodded.
"Alright, well we're gonna wheel her down, if you'd like you can come with us." He offered.
"Alright." I said and I got up and followed them.

They put her through the CAT scan and she woke up half way through.
She started screaming.
I don't blame her though, I mean what would you do if you woke up in a small little tube that was making loud noises?
"Harry, could you come here and calm her?" The nurse asked and I nodded.
I went down into the little room and they shut down the machine.
"Ally, it's alright. You're at the hospital." I said taking her hand as she cried.
"Where's Hallie?" She asked panicked.
"Don't worry the police put her where she deserves to be." I said and squeezed her hand.
"She tried to kill me Harry." Alaina said crying.
"She did kill you." I said sadly.
"What!?" Alaina asked shocked.
"She did kill you, Liam brought you back." I said and smiled.
"So that explains the weird dream I had, that wasn't so much a dream." She said calmed down now.
"What was your dream?" I asked.
"I remember Harry. I remember everything!" She said smiling.

Did she just say she remembers?

A/N: I'm sooo super sorry it took me so long to update! I've had the worst writers block.
Anyways I hope you like it, and yes because she remembers it does mean there are only a few chapters left, maybe five, maybe ten. Have no fear though! There will be a second book (:
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