Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


5. One Step Closer -Harry-

Harry's P.O.V

I walked into my house after my mom and Hallie and made my way to the kitchen.
"Harry!" Gemma shouted running up and hugging me.
"Hi Gem." I said hugging her.
She let go and went back over to stirring something in a bowl.
"These cookies are great!" Niall said to my Mum who walked in with Hallie.
"Glad you like them Niall." Mum smiled and then looked over to Gemma. "Gem, I'll finish stirring. Could you show Hallie up to your room?"
"Sure, c'mon Hallie!" Gemma said happily leading Hallie up the stairs.

Mom picked up the bowl of what appeared to be cookie dough. She began stirring and then looked to me.
"Hallie seems nice." She started.
"No Mom, we're just friends." I ended her suspicions.
"Okay." Mum nodded and put the bowl down. "Could you pass me the cookie sheet?"
I nodded and handed her the sheet that was on the counter. She began scooping cookie dough on it and then put them in the oven.
"Let's go get everything out of the car guys. That way we won't have to do it later." I said and they nodded getting up from the table.
"Good cookies!" Niall said and Mum smiled.

We headed out to the car and grabbed a few bags. We'd have to make a few trips.

I grabbed Hallie's first and went up the stairs to Gemma's room.
"Knock knock." I said pushing the door open.
Gemma and Hallie were sitting on Gem's bed talking and both looked a little surprised.
"Just came to bring your things." I said setting them down.
"Thanks." Hallie smiled and I nodded.
I left the room and headed back outside to grab my stuff.
"Harry could you bring my last bag in while you're at it?" Liam asked coming down from my room.
"Sure." I agreed and headed out.

Once everyone's bag had been gotten and put in their room, Niall, Liam and I headed up to my room.
"So who do we Skype first? Louis and El, or Zayn?" Liam asked sitting on the floor with his laptop open.
"Uh, how about we just use two different computers!" I suggested pulling out my laptop and turning it on.
"Right, I'll call Zayn." Liam said pressing call.
I decided to go on my phone and check twitter while my computer loaded.

Everyday I searched for Alaina, hoping she'd make an account.
"Hi guys!" I heard Zayn say from Liam's laptop.
I waved and then typed in Alaina's first and last name. She popped up!
"Oh my gosh!" I shouted pressing follow and going on her page. She was already following me. How'd I miss that!?
"What?" Niall asked.
"Alaina is on Twitter!" I said happily.
"That's great!" Liam said.
I looked through her pictures, one was from ten or so minutes ago. It was of her and her hair being done.
Apparently she was at a photo shoot. Alaina is a model!? I went back on her tweets and she'd just tweeted me.

@Harry_Styles just followed me! Omg omg omg!

Is she serious? She's excited about me following her, I may be famous, but she knew me before the fame.
I frowned and was going to tweet her, but decided not to and put my phone down.
"Harry, get Louis on!" Liam said and I logged onto my Skype account.
I called Louis and he picked up, he looked happy.
"Hi!" Louis shouted smiling.
"Hi Lou!" Niall shouted.
"Guess what!" I said.
"What?" Louis asked sounding intrigued.
"Alaina has a twitter!" I exclaimed and he laughed.
"Oh goodie! You followed her right?" Louis asked.
"Yes, Louis I did." I said in a "isn't it obvious" voice.
"Good, now pass me to Niall, I'm sick of your face." He said and I handed the laptop to Niall.
I decided to go back on Twitter and message Alaina.

@Harry_Styles: Long time no see, where've you been?

I wrote, then pressed send.
I clicked off the phone and went over to sit next to Niall.
"So how's El's parents?" I asked.
"They're great, she's great, I love her and her family!" Louis said cheerfully.
"Ooh, is someone going to pop the question?" I asked.
"Maybe, maybe not!" He shrugged.
"Let me know if you are going to!" I said and Louis nodded.
"She's out with her Mom buying food for Christmas dinner right now." He said.

We talked for another hour or two and then the Zayn had to go and Eleanor was back so we said goodbye.

"I'm going to get more cookies." Niall said hopping off the bed and leaving the room.
I sat down and waited for Alaina to reply. I was really nervous she hated me and I couldn't handle it if she did.
"Cheer up Harry, Louis' birthday is in three days and we're meeting him and El. It's Eleanor's surprise for him." Liam said smiling.
"Liam, not to bring back bad memories or anything, but do you ever miss Danielle?" I asked.
"Yes, but she's moved on and so have I. I still consider her a friend, but something tells me that she doesn't feel the same way." Liam shrugged and got up.
"You don't need her mate, I'm pretty sure you like Hallie, and that's great because even if she does like me, I know she likes you!" I said and got up too.

Liam smiled and we headed downstairs, into the kitchen.

"Hi guys." Niall said his mouth full.
Liam and I both laughed and grabbed some cookies too.
I hoped Alaina replied soon, the suspense was killing me!
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