Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


4. I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty ~Alaina~

Alaina's P.O.V

I was sitting in the chair, my hair was wrapped in curlers and tin foil. Jenna told me she didn't cut off much, but I couldn't see if she was telling the truth or not.
"I have to go get a few things for your hair, the make up artist is going to come in while we're waiting for your hair." Jenna said and left the room.

I decided to update my twitter. I'd just gotten it yesterday, thanks to Hilary.
I pulled my phone out of my bag and wrote.

@AlainaO'Riley18 At the photo shoot, my hairs being done and my make up artist will be here soon. What did Hilary get me into? #Anxious

I took a picture and posted it and then tucked my phone back into my bag.
A few minutes later a purple haired lady came in pushing a cart full of make up.
"Hi!" She said cheerily.
"Hi." I giggled.
"I'm Ria, have you ever had your make up done before?" She asked coming over and examining my face.
"Actually no." I said and she smiled.
"Well this ought to be fun." She said and went and grabbed a cotton ball, and a bottle of some unknown product.
She rubbed it all over my face and then dabbed it off.
"Just cleaning is all. Now I'll put foundation on and then the concealer and etcetera." She said making a bunch of hand motions.
I smiled and I heard my phone beep. I bent down to pick up my bag while she gathered her equipment.
I dug my phone out and checked it, someone had followed me. I clicked on twitter and checked my notifications.

@Harry_Styles followed you.

My eyes widened and I went on his page to make sure it was really him.
It had the little blue check mark next to his name and everything. I squealed and Ria looked at me surprised.
"What!?" She asked rushing over.
"Harry Styles from One Direction just followed me!!" I squealed happily.
I decided to tweet it, and I instantly got retweets.
"Oh, what a nice little Christmas present!" She laughed and I nodded.
"I cannot believe this! I haven't even tweeted him, I cannot believe this!" I squealed over and over again.
"Congratulations girl! Now let's get you all dolled up!" Ria said bringing a tray of tools over.
She made me feel like I was her masterpiece, I loved it! Especially when the end result was revealed.
"Ah ah, I wouldn't look before your hair is done." Ria said turning me away from the mirror.
I nodded and smiled.

Jenna came in a few minutes later carrying two boxes full of things.
"Woah!" She said when she set the boxes down.
"I know right!" Ria said sounding pleased with her work.
I just smiled and waited for Jenna to start doing my hair.
"Alright, let's get that tin foil and those curlers out!" Jenna said coming over and unwrapping my hair.
She twisted and pulled hair everywhere, when she was done she turned me to the mirror.

I was shocked at what I saw, she'd done my hair in waves and it looked stunning. It was exactly how I had always wanted to do it!
The make up was exquisite and it made me look like a completely different person.
My dark brown hair now looked like I'd stepped out of a magazine, the eyeliner and eyeshadow Ria used made my sea blue eyes go sapphire.
"You guys are amazing! I look like a completely different person! How did you make my eyes pop like this?" I asked Ria.
"I didn't do much, but add a little blue to the eyeliner." Ria said beaming.
"Well it look fantastic!" I said smiling.
"Jenna my hair looks unreal, I've never been able to get my hair to look nearly this good!" I said.
Jenna just smiled and admired her work.

It'd taken them over three hours, and I still hadn't even done the photo shoot.
"Well lets get you to Charlie, he'll want to get you dressed and shooting as soon as possible." Jenna said and I nodded.
We walked back out into the huge room and apparently Charlie had been the guy with the clipboard.
"Here ya go Char, she's all yours. Mary said Hilary will be out soon too." Jenna said and Charlie nodded.
Jenna walked away with a happy wave and I was alone with Charlie.
"So sorry about rushing you a few hours ago. I had to fill in for our manager, he was running late. I'm Charlie by the way, I'm your personal stylist." He smiled and brought me over to a rack of clothes. "Well, today we only have one stylist, but if Levi was here I'd be all yours!"
"Hmm, Diane will probably want you pretty in pink." Charlie muttered throwing a pink pastel colored pea coat over his arm.
Her grabbed a pair of denim jeans and tall boots, with a white beanie and scarf. Then lead me to a changing room.
"Here, make sure you put on the blouse before you put on the pants, it'll be easier that way. I'd help you, but I have to go pick out Hilary's outfit." He said and rushed away.

I stripped down and put on the white blouse first, buttoning it up. Then I pulled on the denim skinny jeans and tucked the blouse into them. I pulled on the tall boots which had four inch heals on them, and put the pea coat on.
I looked in the changing room mirror and I loved the outfit. I put the beanie on and loosely wrapped the scarf around my neck then walked out.

Ready or not, here I come fashion world.

I decided that maybe I would like photo shoots, if I always looked this good!
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