Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


9. Harry's Mum ~Alaina~

Alaina's P.O.V

I woke up and instantly called my Mum. I was so angry at her, how could she not tell me about Harry?

The phone rang through to her voice mail and I left her a message saying call me as soon as you can.
I hung up and went to wake up Hilary.

"Ugh, five more minutes!" She groaned as I turned on the lights and opened the curtains.
"I would, but we have a lot of food to buy!" I said and she groaned again.
"We are stopping at Starbucks and getting me coffee!" She said sitting up and dragging herself to the bathroom.
"I'm taking a shower, get me some clothes would ya?" She asked as she shut the door.
I went and grabbed her a pair of skinny jeans, a white camisole, and a beige cardigan. I laid it out on my bed, then hopped in the shower in the bathroom off my room.
I got dressed, did my hair and my make up, then went into my room. Hilary had taken the clothes and I decided on some small heeled boots. I pulled them on and then went into the living room and waited for Hilary.
Hilary usually left clothes here for herself, but she had taken them to get washed and forgotten to bring more.

While I was waiting I decided to go on Twitter.
Nothing was new, but then my little envelope lit up.

@Harry_Styles: Hiii (:

Ooh, it's from Harry!

@AlainaO'Riley18: Lol hi (:

@Harry_Styles: What's up?

@AlainaO'Riley18: Just getting ready to go shopping, you?

@Harry_Styles: Oh fun (:

Food shopping, not really my cup of tea, I usually got more junk than good stuff.

"Ready to go?" Hilary asked coming into the living room.
I looked up and nodded.

@AlainaO'Riley18: If you say so, well I gotta go. I'll talk to you later. Bye Harry (:

I logged out and went into the kitchen, I grabbed my car keys and we were off.
"Alaina, you better not bring me food shopping on an empty stomach!" Hilary warned.
"Don't worry Hil, we're going to Starbucks first." I giggled.
"Okay good." She giggled too.

I pulled into Starbucks and we got our coffees and pastries, then we headed to the grocery store.
My phone started ringing and it was my mum.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey baby doll what's up?" Mum asked.
"Uh, well, I talked to Harry yesterday." I said.
"Oh that's great, how is...oh Alaina let me explain." She said.
"Mum, I wouldn't have brought it up if I didn't want you to explain." I said calmer than I expected.
"Alaina, I didn't want you to miss him while he was away touring, his Mum decided she wasn't going to tell him about your accident. She said she wanted him to focus on his dream, instead of visiting you." She sounded like she was truly upset.
"But, I could have remembered him! I could have remembered everything if he had been there, mum I have to go, I'll see you on Christmas." I said and hung up.
"Are you okay?" Hilary asked as I pulled into a parking space.
"Not really, both of our Mom's hid something from us. At least I don't remember, imagine what it was like for Harry..." I said and got out of the car.
"He must have been going crazy..." Hilary said as we made our way into the store.
"I'm sure he was, if we were best friends, he must've wanted to know why I never contacted him." I said grabbing a basket.
"Don't we need the carriage?" Hilary asked.
"I guess we probably do, I forgot its not just us!" I said and Hilary pulled out a cart and we started looking around for things.

"So did I tell you that Harry invited me to a party?" I asked.
"No, when is it?" Hilary asked.
"It's on New Years Eve, you want me to see if you can come?" I asked.
"Sure, I may not like their music, but One Direction is hot!" Hilary said putting a head of lettuce into the cart.
"Great, I may have been best friends with Harry, but I don't remember it, and honestly I'm pretty sure it would be really uncomfortable without you there!" I said and Hilary nodded.
"I got your back, don't worry bout it!" She said smiling.
"Thanks Hil." I said returning the smile.
"Mhm." Then she lowered her voice. "Okay, now to don't be alarmed, but that lady over there, keeps staring at you." She whispered.
I looked back above where Hilary was pointing and sure enough Harry Styles mom was staring at me.
Before you go all "oh my gosh she remembers!" please don't forget I'm a huge fan of One Direction!
"That's Harry's mom!" I said and Hilary looked shocked.
"No I didn't remember, I just know from my stalking on Twitter..." I said and her face changed.
"Go say hi!" Hilary said.
"What!? No!" I squeaked.
"Alaina just go!" Hilary said pushing me towards Anne.
I turned back and gave Hilary a dirty look then smiled at Mrs.Cox and went over.

"Hi, my friend made me come talk to you, since you know, your son and I have been talking..." I said awkwardly. I was SO getting Hilary back for this.
"Oh hi Alaina. How have you been?" She asked smiling.
"Uh, well good. How about you?" I asked again, I felt so awkward.
"I've been good, when are you gonna stop by? Harry's been going on and on about you all morning." She said sweetly.
"Well, actually he invited me to a party on New Years Eve, but if it wouldn't be a bother..." I trailed off.
"Of course not, actually why don't we finish our shopping together, and you both can follow me over!" She said happily.
"That sounds great, let me ask Hilary." I said going over back over to Hilary.

"We're going to Harry's house after, okay?" I asked and Hilary shook her head.
"I can't, gotta be at work for twelve, but you better go or I'll kill you! I'll catch a taxi back to the apartment and to work!" She said smiling. "Actually, why don't you go now, and I'll finish shopping?"
"Are you sure? I mean, I don't want you to have to do all the work, plus I really need you!" I said.
"I'll be fine and so won't you! I'll go to the party I promise!" She said and I nodded.
"Okay, thank you Hilary." I said hugging her.
"No problem babe!" She said.
I went back over to Anne.

"Okay, well Hilary can't come, but I can." I said smiling.
"Great, I just got to pick up some gummy bears for Harry and we can go." She said smiling.
I nodded and waved good bye to Hilary and we headed to the candy aisle.
"Even though I don't remember you, I missed you. Is that possible?" I asked weirded out.
"I think so, I think that your heart still knows the people, even if your mind doesn't!" She said smiling. "And I missed you too Alaina, I'm sorry for what happened."
"I look at it like this, at least I'm still alive and have all of my body parts, can walk and talk, it should have been so much worse!" I said and she nodded.
"Well good for you Alaina, you always were a strong girl!" She said smiling.
"Thanks Mrs.Cox." I said smiling back.
"Call me Anne!" She said grabbing a bag of Hairibo gummy bears.
"Alright, we can go pay now." She said smiling.

I was so nervous and excited at the same time! I was about to see Harry Styles, but not as my favorite band member, as my long lost best friend!
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