Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


17. Are We Still Just Friends? -Harry-

Harry's P.O.V

She looked so angelic sleeping on Liam's shoulder. I felt bad that I had to wake her.
I lifted her up and Liam got out of the car.
"I'll tell your mum what's going on, just get her home." Liam said and I nodded.
"Let her know I'll need to be picked up tomorrow, the doctor doesn't want Alaina driving." I said and he nodded.
"You'd better tell her soon mate, she deserves to know." He said patting my shoulder as he went in.
I nodded and brought her over to her car.
I whispered her name and she opened her eyes.
"I didn't want to wake you, but I don't exactly know where you live." I said and she yawned.
"It's fine, but you could have woken me sooner so you didn't have to carry me." She said and I shrugged.
"It's not a problem, it's not as if you're heavy!" I said and she smiled.
"Well thank you, but you can put me down now." She said and I nodded.
I set her down and made sure she was stable then got in the drivers seat.
"I live about twenty minutes from here." She said tossing me her keys.
"Put your address in here." I said handing her my phone, with the GPS app.
She tapped it in and then handed it back to me.
"Oh, I know exactly where that is." I said and started the car.
I drove to her apartment building with little assistance from my phone and we headed up to her place.

"It's nice here!" I said once we were inside.
"Thanks, I tried to make it as homie as possible." She said smiling.
"I like it." I said looking around. A cat came and wrapped its warm body around my leg nuzzling me.
"Hey Jinxy. Did ya miss me?" I asked picking him up.
He started to purr and Alaina laughed.
"I think he did! Are you hungry?" She asked going over to the cabinets.
"Starved." I said and put the cat down.
"Hmm, I only have food for tomorrow's dinner, we can order out?" She asked.
"Sure! Let's get Chinese!" I said and she nodded.
"Okay, here you order, I'm going to go feed the cat." She said tossing me a menu.
I looked down the menu and decided to order the pu pu platter. Alaina and I always got that before.
I dialed the number on the bottom and placed my order, also having it delivered.

Alaina came out and sat down next to me on the couch. She handed me a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt.
"My ex-boyfriend left these here. He was about your size." She said and I nodded.
"Thanks." I said.
"Yeah, no problem. How long till the food gets here?" She asked.
"About forty minutes, they said they had to cook a few things." I shrugged.
"Eh, doesn't matter. I'm gonna grab a cup of tea, Hilary likes beer, so if you'd like some I have a few bottles." She said getting up and setting the tea pot.
"Tea is fine, thank you though." I said and she nodded.
"So what are you doing for Christmas?" She asked turning the stove on.
"Uh, Mum's making a spaghetti dinner and of course there's presents. What about you?" I asked.
"Probably just spend it here. Mum moved far away and Dad moved back to Ireland after the divorce. Mum'll be here for dinner tomorrow, but she's going right back home after." She said and I had an idea.
"Why don't you spend it at my place. Mum would probably love it!" I said and she shook her head.
"I don't want to barge in on your family occasion!" She said still shaking her head.
"Ally, Liam and Niall are there too! Besides you're just like family." I said.
"Alright, but only if its okay with your mom..." She said and I nodded.
"She will be fine with it!" I said smiling.
Alaina smiled back and turned the tv on.
"What do you want to watch?" She asked.
I shrugged, I really just wanted to talk.
"Why don't we share stories of what's happened over the past two years?" I offered and she nodded.
"Tell me about Hallie." She said turning to me.
"Well, she had come to dinner one night with Eleanor, and she seemed really nice, at first. The next few times she came, she started flirting with me. She'd sit really close to me on the couch, make sure she had a spot next to me at the table, talking sweet. Louis realized it first and told me. I had been completely oblivious, I guess, because I really didn't feel the same way." I said.
"How could you not be interested? She's gorgeous, and she was probably really nice until I stepped into the picture." Alaina looked surprised.
"Because I was already interested in someone else." I answered.
"Oh." Alaina said and I nodded.
"Anyway, she was at our dinner for Louis and she didn't have anywhere to go for Christmas, so I invited her to my house. Not realizing it would be the biggest mistake of my life." I said and she nodded.
"She's psychotic though, I mean who would kill someone over a man they weren't even dating?" She asked and I agreed.
"Apparently she would. Now tell me a story." I said and tossed my hair.
"Let me think of a funny one." She said.
"K." I said and pet the cat.
"Alright, so do you remember my Nana?" She asked and I nodded, we'd had some crazy times with her.
"Well, after my accident I had wanted to try painting. You know Nana and how rich she is, she had people build me a studio and she bought me all of the top of the line equipment. I protested every last bit of it, but she insisted. The day after everything was all set up, she'd brought me to go see it and there were firemen surrounding it. Smoke was blowing out the door, and Nan ran up to the building. She said "Oh! Oh all my hard work, it's ruined! Ruined and because of what?" She'd asked the fireman. "Well ma'am it seems a candle was left burning and one of the canvases fell onto it." He'd said.
"Nan, did you leave a candle going?" I'd asked, stifling a laugh.
"Well yes, it smelt horrible in there, so I lit a candle and left it...oh." She had said turning bright red." Alaina was giggling and I'd cracked up once I heard it was a candle.
Her Nana had always told Alaina and I to make sure we never left the house with a candle burning. She'd say it randomly too, not just when we lit a candle.
"That must have been terrible though." I said thinking about the amount of money she probably spent.
"It wasn't so bad, insurance covered it and she built me another one." Alaina said shrugging.
"Nan always was extravagant." I said remembering Alaina's sweet sixteen. She'd done it early so I could be there, it was on a yacht with Alaina's favorite band playing. It was just over the top, but so fun.
"Yeah! Remember how when we'd always hang out she'd say we were going to get married?" She asked giggling.
"Yeah, and we said we were just friends." I said smiling at the memory.
My feelings had changed I wasn't sure Alaina's had.
"Yeah, the good old days." She smiled.
"Are still just friends?" I asked her, I hadn't wanted to say it quite like that.
"What?" She asked turning her full attention back to me.
"Are we still just friends?" I asked again.
Alaina's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to speak.

Hopefully what was about to come out was good...
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