Remember Me?

This story/fan fiction is about Harry Styles.
He had a best friend before he auditioned
for X-Factor, they spent a lot of time together.
He shared his triumph of making it to Boot camp
with her, but the next day she was in a life changing
car accident and lost all memory of her and Harry's friend-
ship. Now two years later, they might finally reunite and
Harry has a confession for her.


12. Anger Issues ~Alaina~

Alaina's P.O.V

So apparently I'm stuck at Harry's. Which honestly isn't a bad thing at all. I'm having a great time, except Harry's girlfriend is giving me really evil looks. What the heebies is her deal. Oh, heebies is what I say instead of the "H word". Don't judge me!

Harry and I are getting along great, I can definitely tell we once were best friends. I only wish I could remember our whole story. Niall's super funny, and Liam's really sweet. Harry's just, well it's like everything, but my mind remembers him. I'm not gonna lie, I got butterflies when he picked me up and fell on me, but I don't want to ruin our rekindling friendship. Besides he's got Hallie.

"It's ready!" Harry called from the kitchen.
He'd been making Mac and cheese, and apparently it was ready now.
"Food!" Niall said cutting in front of me in a mad dash for the kitchen.
"Mm, this is delicious Harry." I heard an irritating voice say.
"I just made it like the box told me to..." Harry said rolling his eyes.
Hallie of course didn't see it, but I did as I walked in.
"Hope your hungry, I've made quite a lot." Harry said handing me a bowl full and a fork.
"Thank you." I said smiling and he smiled back.
"So, who else is excited for tomorrow night?" Hallie asked smiling brightly. Then she looked at me. "It's Harry's best friends birthday celebration tomorrow night." She said to me. "Oh oops, I forgot, you're his best friend. So Harry, what does that make Louis?" Hallie asked turning to him.
Honestly this girl talks way too much for my liking. What's Harry thinking?
"Hallie, people are plenty capable of having more than one best friend. Besides Alaina's coming." Harry said wrapping his arm around my shoulder.
"What, but I thought...ugh!" She got up and walked away from the table.
"You guys really had to go and make her mad?" Liam asked giving us dirty looks and going after her.
That's odd, why isn't Harry going after her?
"Is Liam completely blind, or does he like her?" Niall asked and we shrugged.
"He probably likes her, he and her were flirting all the way here. Remember?" Harry said and Niall nodded. Okay, I'm almost positive that she's not his girlfriend now!
"Yeah, but she's treating Alaina horridly. She acts as if she's your girlfriend." Niall said.
"She isn't?" I asked confused.
"No, I'd never date her. She's too much to handle, overwhelming." Harry said looking stunned that I ever thought that he'd date her.
"Oh, well I just thought that since she was acting all jealous that she was." I shrugged. Well at least I knew Harry wasn't an idiot.
We finished our Mac and cheese and then watched a movie. Liam had stayed upstairs with Hallie. Then we decided to go to sleep.
Great, rooming with Hallie...

I walked up the stairs to Gemma's room, Harry said goodnight and Gemma said she was going to take a quick shower.
Hallie smiled at me and stood up. I frowned and she started talking.

"Listen you little slut, I totally understand why you came here. Wanted to start being friends with Harry again. Yeah, I don't buy that sob story of losing your ditched Harry after he left for The X-Factor and you never contacted him, cause you were jealous. Well sorry, it's a little too late now. Harry's mine, and you'd better stay away. You're just an ugly little whore than only wants to have him for his money and I see right through your games. Go back home tomorrow Alaina, cause I promise if you even think about coming to Louis' birthday celebration, I'll make your life a living hell. Oh and stop pretending as if you don't remember, cause you're a terrible actor." She said smiling evilly. I'd been crying since she started. What did I ever do to her.
I rushed to the door. "Yeah, you'd better leave you little skank, you'll never be good enough for Harry." She said as I opened the door and walked out.

I didn't know where to go so I ran down the stairs and out into the snow.
"Alaina?" Was what Harry said as I'd passed by his room.
I let the cold snow sting my tear stained cheeks I ran to my car and got in. I broke down even harder as I sat down I didn't realize Harry had come out after me.
It was only when he the other door and sat in the passenger seat that I realized he was there.
"What's wrong? What happened? Did someone die?" He asked and I just continued to cry. No one had ever said such horrible things to me.

"I need to go home, I'm sorry I ever came." I said finally containing myself.
"What.Happened?" He asked through gritted teeth.
"Hallie happened." I said sniffling.
"What did she say to you?" He asked sounding extremely angry.
"She, she told me I was a slut, that I made up the amnesia story, because I was jealous of your success and I couldn't come up with a better lie to see you again. And that I was just a whore. She said I was after your money and that I would never be good enough for you, so I should go home and not go with you to Louis' party, because if I did she'd make my life a living hell." I said and Harry's jaw was clenched. He got out of the car his entire body tensed up, he came around grabbed me out of the car and pushed me up against it.
"You were always good enough for me. Sorry this is coming out this way." He said and then he pulled me close to him and kissed me. My best friend was kissing me. And oh lord, I was kissing him back.
"Let her say what she wants." He said pulling back and looked up into the window. I followed his line of vision still in shock from what just happened and realized Hallie had been watching us the entire time.
"C'mon, we're going to go talk to her." Harry said and I walked stiffly by his side. Still in complete shock from the kiss.
We made it into the house and I was shivering. Harry lead me up to his room, told me to stay with Niall and Liam, and he left.

"What just happened?" Liam asked and I turned to him still in shock.
"I honesty don't know."
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