Lover boy

Who is the mystery lover ;)


2. Morning

A/N heyy guys I still the power out so sorry that this isn't in like paragraph form and so enjoy! :)
 Ok some of the lads are acting weird, did I miss something.
 I took I bite of my carrot."so we're goin to nandos today" I ask breaking the awkward silence, "oh hell ya" niall said. "and we're going when it's Aylissa's shift" Liam said getting up to wash his plate. "yay I miss that girl she was so funny, and like she was never sad" Zayn said, Harry didn't say anything.
Liam POV
I got up and washed my plate and went to the couch. "heyy who wants to see a movie" i asked of course they choir me except for Harry which is really weird. "toy story" I suggest like always.
"1,2, or 3" Zayn asked like if he's been saying that forever, " I don't know Lou which one do you want to see" i asked
"o I feel special-"
"Ed" Niall coughed 
"well that isn't nice Niall" Lou said and through a carrot at him, " we'll watch number 2" Lou said. We all jumped on the couched and watched the movie.
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