Lover boy

Who is the mystery lover ;)


1. Back

Aylissa POV
'hey Liam gave me your number well he gave it to everyone umm idk how to say this but i love you <3' wtf who was this. I got up toke a shower and did what every person would usaly do when they just get up. When I was done I checked my phone, 3 messages.
1: it was from leyumm;) it said " hey me and the boys just got back from tour :) I can't wait to see you! Anyway I gbe all the boys your number if you don't mind and were going to stop by nandos to see you :))) I can't wait neither can Niall but I think he's more excited for the food :D anyway your mom Txted me and said we shld have a welcome back party at her place *<:) yay kk I'll c you later love ya (as a friend of course) :)
Omg yay Liam's back!! We've been friends since kindergarten and we went out in 6th grade but we ended up breaking up because it was better being just friends, anyway I can't wait to c him and the boys :D I texted him back after stuffing my mouth with Froasted Flakes, "heyyy liam omg I can't wait to c u!! Y did u give the boys my number w.e anyway lol about Niall!! You better have had brought me a present from America!! I miss you!! See you at nandos:) oh and umm who was the first person to ask 4 my number? C u lates xx"
2:it was from my mom it read, " hey mamita I'm going to pourto Rico to see your abuelitas:) liams mom texted me and said the.boys are back from tour so we were talking about having a welcome home party I was wondering what you were thinking about that idea! See you later honey i love you xoxox
I texted back "hey mom when are you going to pourto Rico and r u bringing Tia Maria? We should definitely have that party :) i love you too see you later xx"
I made some coffee before reading the third one. I finished my cereal and went to the bathroom to do my make up.
3: it was the blocked number again " heyy by the way don't delete the messages cuz along the way I'm going to give you clues of who I am;) i love you stay beautiful ;) "
Lovers POV
I clicked send and got up to look at the mirror. Ehh my hair was a mess! I fixed my hair and smelled pancakes, I was starving. I left my room and said hi to the boys at the table.
"You look egzousted" Lou said biting a carrot
"ya I couldn't sleep it feels wierd back home" I said getting a plate and filling it with three pancakes and syrup. I sat back down not looking at anyone, like if I was in my own island and I was alone thinking about my love, Aylissa.
Sorry if this chapter was short but like I live on long Island and the power is still out because of hurricane Sandy and I did this on my phone so sorry id tho is not in paragraph form. ;
:( love u guys and I hope you like it I'll try to update tommarow bia :)
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