Ed's Girl (1D fanfic)

Max is a 16 year old girl who has fallen in Love! In love with a 20 year old though. That lucky guy is Ed Sheeran, and he feels the exact same way, that is probably the reason they have been dating for almost 2 years. She writes and he sings, and when ever he does write, it is always about her and her life. They just get each other. One day when ed introduces his girl to 5 of his best friends and lyrics singers One Direction? Think about it, then read Ed's Girl
- A Syd! Classic



You know how at the start of all my chapters, I say ' thanks to  blank ...Another chapter'

Well, who ever I have mentioned in that catagory, I want you to put a comment in the comment section below, recomending your books that you have writen, or your favorite books of all time!

I would read them all and take a look at those books for you and give you my take on them in the reply.

Oh and if you don't wqrite and you are more of a reader, tell me what you think about the book, like what you would like happen next, or who you would like to add, or even tell me what 'team you are on' even though not all the teams are agusted yet, soon there will be teams...soon.

Anyway it will be like a big advertisment in the comment section! I want to help you, help me, help you, help me...if you know what i am talking about:-O ha, anyway yup



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