Ed's Girl (1D fanfic)

Max is a 16 year old girl who has fallen in Love! In love with a 20 year old though. That lucky guy is Ed Sheeran, and he feels the exact same way, that is probably the reason they have been dating for almost 2 years. She writes and he sings, and when ever he does write, it is always about her and her life. They just get each other. One day when ed introduces his girl to 5 of his best friends and lyrics singers One Direction? Think about it, then read Ed's Girl
- A Syd! Classic


17. Real chapter 12 part.1

*Thanks to musicrulez90.......ANOTHER CHAPTER! yeah! remember, apples for apples!...and I owe u a ton of apples

Max's POV

I take another side look at that girl, and she was still watching. I was totally satisfied. Lazz jumps up off Harry's lap and runs to the elevator and starts to give Zayn attention, right when I thought I was winning, there goes Lazz, following its heart....and here am I, trying to flaunt off what Zayn's girlfriend things my heart wants.

They walk out of the elevator, with Lazz in Zayn's arms. He keeps Lazz as he sits across from us. It was awkward silence until we heard another *ding* from the elevator. We all turn to see who might it have been, I was thinking the rest of the crew, but I was also thing Louis? humph....I am having a little of a cruddy birthday.

Edward's POV


'Yes! He so did that, that what I said when I found out!" El exclaims.

"I am hungry." I blurt out. I need to go to the cafeteria and eat.

"Do we have to go up there?" she wonders.

"No, but I am still hungry. You want to know what, I will just go up there and you can stay here, I will come back with something for not only just me."

"Okay....why not, I am hungry too, I just didn't want to say anything."

"Okay then, that settles it. I will be back in 10."

"Okay, bye.......Eddy."

I shoot a smile at her and then exit the room. I am starting to think max is the only Max.....I will be disappointed if she is not up in the cafeteria. At the end of the day, she will always be my M-

"Hey. Going up?"

"Yeah mate, 11th floor."

The box that held us and brought us up had thick air and I could barely breath. I am just glad the Elinour was not here to face her ex......or to my knowledge, little to his. Poor Louis, now I think about it, I feel dirty.....but...I am mourning......no, but I feel so dirty...but-

I rub my face. That causes Louis to look at me.

"You know what? Max would make this better."

She always does, and she always will.

I spot Louis turn pale white as he might be realizing how close we are together. He is probably feeling as guilty and dirty as I do.

All of a sudden, the elevator stops in a jolt and when I tussle my hair to the side, I see Louis hand on the big red button.

OHHHHHH SNAP! okay, hopefully this chapter made sense. I am still racking my brain with all the facts of the past chapters. please, if u see a flaw in how it completely doesn't make sense leave a comment. and of course, comment on what team u r on. there is a ton, but I think u can reason them out.

We have:

Louis and Max

Ed and Max

Harry and Max

Zayn and Max

Ed and El

Lazz and harry

Zayn and Lazz

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