Ed's Girl (1D fanfic)

Max is a 16 year old girl who has fallen in Love! In love with a 20 year old though. That lucky guy is Ed Sheeran, and he feels the exact same way, that is probably the reason they have been dating for almost 2 years. She writes and he sings, and when ever he does write, it is always about her and her life. They just get each other. One day when ed introduces his girl to 5 of his best friends and lyrics singers One Direction? Think about it, then read Ed's Girl
- A Syd! Classic


10. chapter 7

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Max's POV

The lights turned on and I see a big box in the middle of the room. I turn around to see who ripped me into this room and I see Zayn.

"What the hell is going on here?" I yell.

"You scarred the heck out of me!"I yell again.

"Haha, I just wanted to surprise you, love" Zayn says with a huge smile on his face.

That smile almost makes me want to melt in my place. Such a pretty face. Haha, what a pretty boy.

I smile and say,"Well, you did, in a alarming way." I say now blushing.

"Sorry, sorry, but anyway, I have a big surprise for you!" Zayn tells me, with a big smile still on his face.

"Like that was not a surprise enough." I say joking around.

He just laughs again, and I join him. He is such a nice guy.....hey maybe he is my boyfried! But I do not want to make the same mistake I made with Louis, now do I.....maybe he is my long time crush. Yeah, that makes sence.

"Darling, you are too funny, back to the surprise! Open the box!" he orders me.

I hesitently walk over to the big box in the middle of the room, then knock on it. I wanted to make sure it was not one of those presents were a big puppet jumps out of it and punches you or some crazy shiz like that. It was big enough to hold a tv, a thick tv or maybe huge bases for your house and care. Or maybe even a matresds. Did he just get me a matress, some people are just 'funny' like that.

I start to rip the wrapping, slowly. Then I start to rip it off faster and faster gradually as I get even more excited. I get down to a plane brown box with a sign 'this side up'.

"What is it?" I ask Zayn.

"Open it and see Max." He told me. as soon as he said my name I smiled widely. My heart pumped faster than usual, and he made me feel very nervous. Gosh, this guy has me wrapped around his finger, littlerly.

I rip the tape off the top, then when I open the box, I see what I was waiting for all my life. How does he know that I wanted this? Who told him that I use to dream about wanting this thing all my life?

I was never able to aford one, but let alone such a perfect one like this one. My heart almost stops whne Zayn walks up to me and looks in the box too then looks at me. He smiles.

"Do you like it?" He ask crossing his fingers behind he back.

"I-I-I....huuuuuuu...." I sigh.

I could notice his smile desolve one his face.

"I could take it back, it might be a little difficult but...I could get soethign else, or a different type or-"

I cut him off and engolf him a big hug.

"I love it Zayn!" I whisper in his ear.

Zayn lets out a little shpcked laugh, then he hugs me as well.

"I am glad, I knew you would like it, well I was hoping." he told me, obviously releaved.

"How did you know?" I asked inching my self away from the hug, even though I really did not want to.

"I just know." he said with a smug look on his face, then that look breaks into a smile.

"Well, thanks." I say.

"You are so welcome. I wish I had another one like that, talking about it, should we get it out of the box?" he asks me gestering to the present.

"Yay, I think we should." I say reaching for the box and picking up the most presous thing I have ever seen.

That thing is.....

Zayn's POV

She loves it! I totally made a score with this present! It is the cheepest one I have ever gotten a girl too.

Impossible right? Well not really. it is sorta easy to do stuff like that especially if you are that famous!

I want to share it with her....I wonder if she would let me play with it sometimes.

"Uhmm... could I play with it, with you for the day, you know, give you a tatorial all day about how to care for something liek this?"

 I ask being careful with the words I use, wuth out trying to say that I want to take the present home. I bet Perrie would love it.

"Sure, sure why not, never had one so I guess if you are experienced with things like this you can!" she says holding it carefully in her hands, not wanting to break anypart of it.

"Great, now the thingds you need to take care of it properly are...not in the box. Yeah I am pretty stupid. We can go get them now quickly?" I say noticing how focused I was on only getting the present its self.

"But you might get in trouble." she says with a worried look on he face.

"Don't worry, we would be back before anybody notices." I say reasuring her.

"Okay, well, if you put it like that....why not?"

She reagusts the way she is holding it, still making sure that it does not fall out of her hands, then walks over to the door. I put one arm around her to make her feel more steady when she is walking, then I grab both of our coats as we get to the door and help her put on hers.

Before we knew it, we were on the side walk getting mobbed by cmera flashes and paparazzi. I again put my arm around her so she does not get unfocused and drop the present on the streat. That would be way worse than...anything! I do not want to take the presewnt from her either because, for one thing she seems very attached to it, and two, I think I might drop it too, and this is not a thing you could just get an exact copy of in a store. I guess you could say it is custom made.

A black car arrives at the edge of the side walk and I quickly help Max get in teh van before I hop in. I shut the door as fast as I can, then I see how Max is doing.

"You okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, and its fine too, how about you?" she asks me.

"I live and breath this stuff, I am fine." I say with a bit of a laugh in my sentrnce. she starts to giggle a bit too. When she giggles, it sounds really funny. I could not help but laugh a lot too. That is until the driver ruins the moment and then says:

"Where too?"

We both say at theb same time,"The-"

Then we both get cut off at the abrupt stop of the van. I hear a thump, then I see Max, and her, or should I say our present sucure in her arms. She starts to laugh, then I look and smile at her too.

with out breaking our stare I say,"To the.....

to be continued......


okay as you can see that was a pretty lame cliffhanger but I am updateing in teh matter of minutes all thank to the people who favorited and comented! From all the people who have done so, it seems that people have been spredding the word! At this rate, you will be getting chapters by the 4s! Keep it up, and remeber Apples for Apples!

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