Ed's Girl (1D fanfic)

Max is a 16 year old girl who has fallen in Love! In love with a 20 year old though. That lucky guy is Ed Sheeran, and he feels the exact same way, that is probably the reason they have been dating for almost 2 years. She writes and he sings, and when ever he does write, it is always about her and her life. They just get each other. One day when ed introduces his girl to 5 of his best friends and lyrics singers One Direction? Think about it, then read Ed's Girl
- A Syd! Classic


9. chapter 6

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Ed's POV

I walk into the studio room were me and the boys are suppose to practise the new song, and I see Louis kissing Max! At first I am really surprised, then angry.

"What the- what the hell Louis?" I say calmly but with force.

Max leans away from Louis looking in his eyes then giving him a quick kiss on his cheek, then she looks at me with a smile.

"Hey!" she says to me like nothing just happened. That is when I start to feel hurt, but still am angry enough to hurt Louis.

"Louis, what in the world is- what?" I say as confused as ever now.

"I-I don't hmm..." He starts then starts to smile and laugh a bit looking at Max. That is when I get angry.

"Louis? Still waiting for an explanation!" I say on the verdge of yelling. Just seeing them like that hurt me a lot. Max never called it off, she never talked to me, she never gave me a chance to tell her that I was going to surprise her.

"Oh... sorry, just a bit dazed...." he again drifts off with his words looking at Max again. Now I am going to hutrt that guy.

"Louis! An explanation please? What abot Elenour? One year together? Does that mean anything to you?" I say bringing in Elenour into the convorsation, actually I would not even call it a conversation. I would call it a very slow of escalating fight.

"Uhmmm oh, Elenour. Ummm Elenour...... Oh God Elenour!" Louis syas realizing what he had just done.

"Who is Elenour love?" Max asks him. When she called him love, my heart nearly sank, she does not even call me love.

"Love? Uhmm..okay, well she- she is my...girlfriend." Louis says hesitentl.

"You have a girlfriend already?" Max asks Louis, clearly showing that she is not a One Dirtection fan.

"Yup, sorta...yeah I do." Louis slowly admits.

"Than what are you going to do, because  one year is serious stuff, and I am not going to ruin that, too much hard work." Max says. Now I am quit confused once more.

"I don't know, my god, I might loose Elenour. I do not want to loose Elenour." Louis says starting to get tears in his eyes.

"Hey, hey.... I will help you explain too her." Max says to his while he sits on the couch rubbing his eyes.

"Explain, no explanation would make what I just did okay!" he says now yelling at her. I wanted to say 'Hey! Leave her alone!' but by the looks of it, she was not mine.

"I am not saying what we just did was okay, all I am saying is that she might forgive you if you are being honest." Max tells him a calm voice. That is one of the reasons why I fell in love with her, she might think that she is not as smart and wise as me, but to me, she is deffenataly smarter. not book smart, but smart in the way of conmunication and giving advise.

"Okay, well, I should probably tell her in person." Louis says depressed and sad more than he is scarred.

"Yeah, you deffenatly sahould, when is the next time you get to see her?" Max asks.

"This evening, she is coming over to my house." Louis tells her.

Max then notices that I am in the room, and just listening.

"Not to be off topic and disrespectful, but...who might you be?" she asks me. Is she acting or something? Ha, she is probably just playing hard to get just so she could make me feel jelous. I let her question slid of my sholder and I just walk out of the room, down the hall way, then into the my guitar room.

I pick out a guitar and sit on the floor with it. I make a few strums then soon enough, I am singing a song from the top of my head. Yet another song that would probably be put as a nuber one hit single, but still nobody would relate to what real feeling is in the song. I write down each world I sing, then debate if I should give this one for the boys to sing, or for me to sing. I jusat get frustrated with the choice and crumple up the song and put it in my pocket so I could just throw it in the fire when i get home. Maybe that would bearn the feelings I am feeling now.

Louis' POV

When I kissed her, I completely forgot about Elenour. How could I forget the love of my life? I guess teh only reason why I forgot is because, Max reaminds me of Elenour. I might be seeing her tonight, but I want her around me all the time. This mistake will destroy me ever having the chance of having her around me all the time, even having her around me one a month. But at least I know if that is true, I always will have Max. It might not be healthy to have a rebound girl as my girlfriend replacement, but,... I do not know. I am so confused. Why can't this all just go away? Why can't Max just kis me again? When she did, I did not feel any of teh problems I felt now... or at least I think? I just was not 'present' when she kissed me. She is like a drug, she effects me in ways that nothing else can, and I always would want more. Elnour is my rehab, and I just don't want to go.

Max's POV

"Louis, I am going to go for a few seconds.... will you be okay?" I ask Louis will consern. He has just sat there looking into blind space for the past five minutes.

He looks at me, then smiles. He puts his hand on my cheek then says,"I will be fine." then puts his hand down going back to looking in blind space smilling to himself.

I cannot help but to smile myself. he looks quit high if you were to ask me. I giggle a bit and walk out of the room, only to grabbed by somebody and have my mouth cover with some type of cloth. The person holds me in place, not letting me go. Not in a plaful way, but it is quit violent. WHen the lights turn on, I could not believe what happens next.


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