Ed's Girl (1D fanfic)

Max is a 16 year old girl who has fallen in Love! In love with a 20 year old though. That lucky guy is Ed Sheeran, and he feels the exact same way, that is probably the reason they have been dating for almost 2 years. She writes and he sings, and when ever he does write, it is always about her and her life. They just get each other. One day when ed introduces his girl to 5 of his best friends and lyrics singers One Direction? Think about it, then read Ed's Girl
- A Syd! Classic


14. chapter 11


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Ed's POV

I sit down next to El and put one arm around her. I was going to show her what I meant by I knew how she felt. I pulled out the song from my back pocket and showed it to her. She read it, and began to cry. It did not have a title, but I could tell that we were going through the same thing. But I still don't dare to say, it is with the girl that Louis kissed. Geez, just thinking about it makes me want to flip my lid.

Oh Ed, you're so wise, oh Ed you are so calm, cool, and collected. When People say that, it gives me no room to get angry or just lose my cool at all. Max understood that, god do I miss her. But I still hate her? No, I lo- no I hate her. I will never forgive her. No, she should never forgive me. I am the one treating her like I am ashamed with her, but I have a good reason. For the sake of me! And of course her! I would never put her in a situation where she is getting hate in which ever direction she goes. This is a giving me a head ache.

"What is giving you a head ache Ed?' El asks me.

"Oh, thinking about her, and us, and stuff. It is... tiring almost." I say.

"Oh, you will be fine. We will get through this together. Try not thinking about it too much, keep your lid screwed on." El tells me with a smile.

That is exactly what Max use to say, 'keep your lid screwed on', that always made me smile. el might be good for me after all, I might be going against one of my buddies, but she kissed me. And he kissed my girl while being with another. He deserves it. Wait, he deserves it right?

"Who deserves what?" El asks me.

I find when I ask myself questions, I say them aloud. I remember Max use to answer all the questions I battled in my mind. Somehow she always knew what was in my head. It was amazing.

"I was thinking about it again." I tell her, not wanting to bring up Louis' name.

"I know what will get your mind off things..." she says, then trails off as she leans up to kiss me.

I do not know what I am doing, but all I know, is that whatever I am doing, it feel like I am doing it all right, or wrong? 'Don't think about' I think. I do not want a screw driver to have to put my lid in place.

God, I remember when Max use to hold in place with no effort.

"Then don't think." El tells me.

That confuses me, but all I knew then and there was that me and El were going to skip lunch for sure. She was too busy kissing me and telling me secrets about Louis and any other guy she had ever dated. This is a interesting day, no doubt.

Harry's POV

I defiantly had it bad. I really could not breath at that point.

"Are you okay, you look a bit red." She asks touching by cheeks.

"I finally find the breath to say, "Yeah, I am fine."

"Oh no! Are you allergic to dogs? I am so sorry, I had no idea." she says panicking to pick up the puppy.

"No, no, I am fine. Take a seat." I say gesturing to the chair, trying to play it cook, I want to make a good impression on her.

"Okay." is all she says as she takes a seat right next to me.

"What is...." I trail off as I pick up the puppy to look under it.

"His name?" I finish off.

She giggles at this then answers.

"His name is Lazzy." she answers with a big smile on her face. That is a smile that could light a room. She had really white teeth.

"Haha, that is a funny name. What is its nick name?' I ask

"Hey, I was thinking it needed a nick name too, but somebody said that Lazzy was short enough, but anyway, I do not have one yet. Do you have any ideas?" she asks me.

I tense up, scrabbling in my mind what I should call him, I do not want to bring up a stupid name and then have her think I am uncreative and stupid. I know that sounds dumb but still, first impressions do matter.

"Lazz?" I throw out of my mouth.

"That sounds awesome! How did you think of it?' she asks, obviously very happy with the name, or is sarcastic.

"Uhmm...well my name is Harry," I start off.

"Well nice to meet you Harry." she says. That only makes me smile.

"And my nick name is Hazz and Hazza, sooo....I guess I just put two and two together." I say, not knowing how to finish.

"Well thank you very much, Harry." she says with a big smile on her face still.

"You're welcome, and feel free to call me Hazz." I say, hoping that I am not showing that I am getting to comfortable with her.

"Okay, Hazz." she says with a little giggle at the end. She is too cute.

Max's POV

Is Harry flirting with me? If he is, it does not matter, but I am not interested.

Anyway I hear the elevator ding, then I here Zayn talking to somebody. Zayn, I want to make that pretty boy jealous. It might not be his fault that he already has a girlfriend, but still. But what should I do? I do not know what to do!

As the doors of the elevator open, I see that same girl he kissed at the entrance in the building around his arm. I get jealous immediately and think fast.

Harry is looking at me still holding Lazz on his lap. I see the girl look at me from the corner of my eye.

That is when I get close to Harry and press my lip against his. I slid my hand to the side of his face, and surprisingly, he kisses back.

I slowly inch my lips away from his, and I smile at him, he does the same. I then whisper in his ear these exact words.

"Your mine now, okay?"

He leans to my ear and say, "Okay, love."

At this point, I know that he will help me make Zayn jealous, and from the look on the girl's face that she is pretty surprised. And that is how I like it.


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