Mute **ON HOLD**

Apryl has never spoken a word ever since her family died in a tragic house fire. Will One Direction's loudest member get her to talk?


1. Prologue

September 20, 1997

I'm really scared. I don't know where mummy and daddy are and there are a lot of flashing lights. Carrie, Justin and Jamie are missing too. I think Harry is scared too. He won't stop shaking and i'm crying and shaking. Why is everyone yelling? It's hurting my ears! Those big people in yellow coats are running in and out of my house.

They came back out with Carrie. She wasn't moving and she was on a weird stretcher thingy. I tried to ask her where mummy and daddy are but she won't answer me!

Why are they taking Harry away from me?! No!! He's my best friend! Harry! Come back! This isn't fair! Some lady just took him and drove away! Now they're putting Carrie in a big truck with flashing lights. A lady came over to me. She looks nice, but she's the one who ordered Harry away from me.

"Apryl, you need to come with me." She said. I didn't want to go with her. I wanted to stay and wait for mummy and daddy to come find me. They were probably worried sick! I told her I wanted to wait for mommy and daddy. She looked at me sadly and I got scared. She told me to come with her and I sadly obeyed. I looked back at my house. There were red flames flying up from the roof.  

The lady, her name is Miss Shift, put me in the back seat of her car and drove away before I could see mummy, daddy, Justin or Jamie. I hope Carrie will come looking for me.

I didn't talk at all the whole car ride. I am really scared right now. Where's Harry? Where's my mum? Where's my dad? Where's Carrie, Justin and Jamie? I want to know! Miss Shift pulled up to a big building and told me to follow her. I'm scared but I listen to her.

She told me I will be living with two nice people, Amanda and Matthew Ruiz. I asked why, but she wouldn't answer me. Why is this happening?! All I did is come home from Harry's house and now everything is changing! I want to see my family!

Why are people looking at me sadly? I want to know! What does she mean I can't see my family? They're my family!

What does she mean they've gone to a better place? I'm really scared! They're......dead? What?!

I'm crying now. I'm never going to see them again. Miss Shift is telling me that Mr and Mrs Ruiz are going to take good care of me, but I'm screaming now and crying. I want my mummy! This isn't fair! What does she mean the fire was really bad? Where's Harry? Is he dead too? She said Harry is ok...Thank goodness!

Now they're sending me off to meet my new 'parents.' But I made a pinky promise to myself.

Never again would I speak.

~Apryl Rose Jusinski




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