Mute **ON HOLD**

Apryl has never spoken a word ever since her family died in a tragic house fire. Will One Direction's loudest member get her to talk?


13. Alright, I know what's going to happen...


Alright, so I know you guys all probably hate me right now for not updating, but I know what I'm going to do. I really had no idea where I was going when I wrote this, so I going to write it differently. It won't really e the same plot but it will have the same characters.

There will still be something traumatic in her life that prevents her from talking or something like that, but I've started to re-write it and I hope you guys like this version better:)

If I write this new story, i'll probably update more frequently, so I hope you're at least happy about that. I'm really sorry for all the long waits and you probably thought this was finally and update. Im so so so so so so so sorry!!!!

I love you all :*




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