Girl Heart Boy- Time Runs Out

Sarah and Ash are best friends. But none of them could have ever predicted the events that would occur.

Joe's on his way home, and although she tries to hide it, Sarah is ecstatic.

But even that could spell trouble.


9. The Meaning of Forever

I followed the doctor through the corridors that never seemed to end; the plain walls reflecting the butterflies in my stomach. My fear seemed to be reduced by the pure whiteness around me, as a final door was opened and held for me by Dr Rhodes. A sudden jolt stuck my feet still to the ground- I couldn't find the will to move. In my head, I knew that seeing him would kill me. But my heart knew just what had to be done. So I took a deep breath and walked towards the slightly dimmer light in the next room. 

He was the first thing that caught my eye. And it was heartbreaking. His eyes were closed and his face and shoulders were a deep purple where the bruises lay. My tears continued to fall, after never recovering from my breakdown in the waiting room. But, even though it was so hard to see him this way, I knew I didn't have any other opportunity to say what I wanted. My footsteps were careful, but in the emptiness they sounded like gun shots in the air. 

By the time I reached where he lay, his eyes were open and waiting for me. He struggled to do so through the bruising but he wasn't giving up. "Sar-" 

"Shh" I caressed my hand against the only part of his face that wasn't harmed, and his skin was warm- just like it should be. It took me a minute before I could start and that was just from the relief I felt for his existence. I knew I didn't have too long: what with the medics soon to make me leave, and worse the arrival of Ashley. So I took another deep breath and started. 

"Just rest Joe, it's my turn to speak. I never thought I'd ever say this to anyone, let alone you, but now I know that I need to. I'm not some flawless blonde bombshell that doesn't need to be conscious of how she looks because everyone will fall to her feet at any sight of her. And I'm not some confident boy magnet like Ash who can click my fingers, shake my hips and have guys queueing. But since I met you I know that I don't have to be. You're the most amazing person I have ever met and I will always cherish you no matter how our friendship ends up. I was an idiot today- and I can't help but think that all of this is my fault. Because if I'd have stayed true to what I actually felt, then everything would be fine. I love you, Joe. I always have and probably always will- I just wish that I knew you felt the same. If I've wrecked any chance of us being together then I apologise, but I'd like you to know that I will be there for you whenever you need, no matter what."

I grabbed a tissue from the table beside us and wiped away the tears on my cheeks. In doing so, I was once again disturbed by the ring. All my emotions held in one object.

"I need to give you this back as I doubt you'd want to waste it on me now. I want you to be happy: and if that means never speaking to you again then I completely understand. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope you can forgive me for everything. Because I love you more than anything in the world and if that means just staying friends then I would be nothing less than proud to do so."

At that moment, Joe reached for the ring that I had placed next to him. He raised it to his lips, just as I had done, before holding it between both our hands. 

"Your beautiful Sarah, no matter what anyone says. This isn't your fault, so please, please don't blame yourself for it. And even after everything that's been said and done today, I love you more than ever. I always have and definitely always will. My words earlier weren't through anger, it was through heartache. And if there's one thing I could carry with me for all eternity, it would be you."

I lifted my head up and both our tear-filled eyes met. He lifted our hands, with the ring, and kissed the top of my knuckles. 

"I forgive you," he whispered "and that means forever." 

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