Girl Heart Boy- Time Runs Out

Sarah and Ash are best friends. But none of them could have ever predicted the events that would occur.

Joe's on his way home, and although she tries to hide it, Sarah is ecstatic.

But even that could spell trouble.


7. The Accident

My mind was spinning with confusion and panic, but I was not going to let a second person walk out on bad terms. I took a long, refreshing sip of water that brought me back to reality and, grabbing my clutch from the table, followed Joe out. 

"Joe!" My initial attempt at a shout was weak and feeble. "JOE!" The pain in my heart forced the name out and stole all of my breath. It took me by surprise as well as him, who stopped in his tracks and slowly turned. His face broke my heart all over again. Tears were being held back with severe force and his eyes were turning a blood red colour. It was the sort of face you would find upon a lost child who was in search for their mum. I couldn't bear it and, what made it worse, was the feel of my own broken tears streaming down my cheek. 

"Is the idea so disgusting?" His words were quiet and mumbled, laced with rage, but it was better than nothing- at least he was talking to me. 

"No of course-"

"Then why would you do that?" What? I couldn't understand. I hadn't done anything, as far as I was aware.

"I don't understand? I didn't think you liked me like that any more. I thought the meal was just a catch up! I thought-"

"You thought you'd play hard to get." His voice had turned into a shout. "You thought you'd be Ashley. Well, do you know something? I don't need that around me. I love..... loved you and all of that has been thrown back in my face! You have no idea!"

I had been left speechless with the sudden truth that had just punched me in the gut. Was I really so mean about the situation? Maybe I had acted pathetic, I mean it was obvious to everyone that I wanted more than a 'catch up' with Joe. I was always jealous of Ash getting all the boys and having all the fun, but I never meant to act like her- in any situation. Yes, I am an old romantic. Yes, I did leave the house without a coat in the hope that Joe would lend me his like in the films. And yes,  I have not gotten over him since he left. But I never for one minute thought any of this would happen, and I was scared that my old romantic ways were the reason he left in the first place. I guess 'selling it' wasn't all it cracked up to be. But I found the will to talk.

"I still don't understand any of this! I'm so confused, its all happening so fast I-"

"Just forget it!" And Joe hastily, but smoothly, turned and walked across the road. 


I guess he never saw that taxi. 

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