Girl Heart Boy- Time Runs Out

Sarah and Ash are best friends. But none of them could have ever predicted the events that would occur.

Joe's on his way home, and although she tries to hide it, Sarah is ecstatic.

But even that could spell trouble.


4. Shopping!

The only disadvantage to being friends with Ashley, is that she insists on taking me shopping whenever anything exciting is occurring. I tried my hardest to increase my enthusiasm to her level, but I was unfortunately unsuccessful as she ended the trip looking slightly annoyed. Maybe I should have payed more attention to her instead of just saying "yes" mindlessly after every question. Because I have to admit, she did pick out a killer outfit!

It's hung up outside my wardrobe ready for the meal out with Joe. Everyone else has bailed on us, and they think that I don't know what they're planning. In all honesty, me and him aren't going to be anything like we used to be- I had known that when he initially moved away. Ash, on the other hand, seemed to believe otherwise; hence the shopping trip.

The dress in which she picked out was a petite, skater dress of a rich burgundy that makes your heart and soul warm from the inside out. It was a stunning little number that had a chunky black belt around the waist, in order to break up the royal colour. She also chose a pair of black stiletto heels that, although were stunning with velvet ribbon on the toes, are scarily high and will need practise-walk sessions around the house.

I took a deep breath and tried to imagine what I would look like tomorrow- all dressed and ready with my hair and make up done by none other than my best friend. This had really brought us closer than ever before, with the fun and amusement making me forget what we were doing it all for. My mind flashed back to the time when Joe left, it wasn't a good day at all. It was making me tearful at the thought, which was why I rapidly snapped out of my daydream. Now wasn't the time to think about the past- what happened had happened and there was no changing that!

The scariest part, however, was that it was only going to be the two of us tomorrow night. As much as I had missed Joe, I had sort of wished that everyone else would be there for me to hide behind. My biggest fear was awkward silence- I would choke, and I knew it. Especially without everyone else to make conversation around us. In any case, I could not let him down when he's travelling all the way down to see us- no matter what had happened, he deserved a good welcome back. 

So I had to get practising with my new shoes! 

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