Girl Heart Boy- Time Runs Out

Sarah and Ash are best friends. But none of them could have ever predicted the events that would occur.

Joe's on his way home, and although she tries to hide it, Sarah is ecstatic.

But even that could spell trouble.


8. Back to the Present

My sorrowful reverie of the past week had seemed to last ages, but my sudden jolt to reality made me realise the truth behind it all. This had actually happened! The ambulance was kind enough to give me a lift to the hospital, but they had ran in so fast that I couldn't keep up with them, even after I yanked my heels off. By the time I got to the entrance, my feet were sore and scratched from running bare footed, and the paramedic came out to tell me that I would have to wait for the doctors to call. I'd waited for that call, but its absence only increased my worry. 

I looked at my phone again to re-read the text that I never truly processed. Sarah I've just heard the news and I'm on my way. Don’t let this make you feel bad- it’s not your fault. Just wait for me- don’t go in on your own!  

At first the text filled me with rage- always interfering and thinking that I couldn't do anything by myself. But then I realised that I couldn't stay mad at Ash forever: she was my best friend and only ever meant well for me. And I'd had too many arguments to hold any grudges over the people that I cherish more than anything in the world. This thought sent tears to the back of my eyes again, trying to burst past after I'd only just managed to stop- I may have lost one of my best friends ever. I rolled my phone in my hand to try and take my mind away from the horrific thoughts, but in doing so I dropped a light, tinkling object that bounced gracefully over the floor. 

The Ring. 

That was it. I couldn't fight it any more and it was more than enough to set me off again. Violent chokes escaped from within as my cries broke out in the quiet, crowed and sorrowful room. All my strength was lost and I collapsed to my knees where the diamond jewellery had landed. Not many people noticed- it was as though actions like this were part of the ordinary. A couple of people turned and nodded in recollection of my pain, but my fears weren't about what others thought. I spent all my life worrying about just that and it took this pain to steal that phobia away.

I slowly reached my hand out to pick up the ring that now held all my emotion. My hands instinctively lifted the piece up to my lips so I could kiss it through my hysteric chokes. 

As I did so, a hand was extended towards me with a professional-looking man peering down at me. I clumsily took his offer of assistance to get me back to my feet, being sure to lift the ring up with me. 

"I assume you're Sarah?" His voice wasn't giving away any clues to the situation, and all I could do was nod in reply. "Ok, well Joe's had a serious accident, as you are well aware. We've managed to keep him stable and he really needs lots of rest. But you are welcome to see him quickly if you'd like?" 

My relief swept over me vigorously and I gave a broad, thankful smile to the doctor as he motioned the way. But there was a thought still held in the back of my head concerning Ashley and her expected arrival. I knew that she wanted me to wait for her before I went in, but I had to see Joe before she arrived. There were things I needed to say- without her being there. 

Things had to be sorted- before it was too late.

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