Young Love

11 year old Kaileigh and 12 year old Cameron were deeply in love.Kaileigh's dad was to protective over her and he didn't like Cameron.Kaileigh's mom said as long as Cameron treats Kaileigh good,she is fine with him.Her dad still won't bother to try.Cameron loves Kaileigh,but he tries to get past her dad.What will he do?
*My not*
Cameron is my actual boyfriend.I am 11 and he is 12.


3. You Will Be Ok

Cameron's POV

I took Kaileigh's hand and walked back to my house.Kaileigh called her mom to say she was staying the night with me.When we got to my house,she ran inside to my bed.She sat there and cried."You will be ok."I stated.I hugged Kai.She sobbed into my shoulder."Cam,I don't ever want to back home.I don't like it there."Kaileigh said."I know you don't."I said.She looked out the window.My mom walked into the room."Are you alright dear?"she asked Kaileigh."Yeah.I'm fine."Kaileigh replied."If you ever need help you can ask me." "Thank you." My mom nodded her head and left.I starred at Kai for a minute."I have a headache.I am going to lay down."Kai said."Ok."I said.She layed in my bed.She slowly drifted to sleep.After awhile,Kaileigh started coughing and wheezing."Kaileigh.Sweetie are you alright?"I asked waking her up."Cam I can't breathe."Kaileigh said."Hang on.I am going to get my mom." I ran into the living room where my mom sat.She got up and came over to Kai."Can you breathe any?"my mom asked."Barely."Kaileigh said."Cameron pick her up and bring her to the car." I did as my mom told me.Kaileigh held on to my neck.I seen tears in her eyes.I sat her in the car,than ran to the other side and jumped in.Kaileigh layed her head on my shoulder.My mom raced to the hospital.Kaileigh was finally admitted to the Emergency Room.I sat in her room.Her parents didn't care to come.They were too busy doing stuff with Ashlyn.Me and my mom were worried.After about 2 hours,Kaileigh woke up."Kaileigh!"I yelled.I jumped up and hugged her.I felt her hug me tighter."Your ok."I said.She loosened her grip.We finally left the hospital. 

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