Young Love

11 year old Kaileigh and 12 year old Cameron were deeply in love.Kaileigh's dad was to protective over her and he didn't like Cameron.Kaileigh's mom said as long as Cameron treats Kaileigh good,she is fine with him.Her dad still won't bother to try.Cameron loves Kaileigh,but he tries to get past her dad.What will he do?
*My not*
Cameron is my actual boyfriend.I am 11 and he is 12.


4. You Are....Beautiful

Cam's POV

It was about 9:30 pm.I was tired.I told Kaileigh she could sleep on my bed and I would sleep on the floor.I kissed her softly.I layed down on the floor.I swore she was asleep,but I was wrong.I heard her say something."Cam will you lay with me?"Kaileigh asked."Sure."I said.I jumped in the bed.She cuddled up to me side.I could tell she was depressed by the way she hugged me."You do realize that since your parents aren't really taking care of you we can call CPS and you can live with me."I said."You could?"Kai asked."Yep." "Please do it." She then fell asleep."Your...beautiful."I whispered.

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