Young Love

11 year old Kaileigh and 12 year old Cameron were deeply in love.Kaileigh's dad was to protective over her and he didn't like Cameron.Kaileigh's mom said as long as Cameron treats Kaileigh good,she is fine with him.Her dad still won't bother to try.Cameron loves Kaileigh,but he tries to get past her dad.What will he do?
*My not*
Cameron is my actual boyfriend.I am 11 and he is 12.


2. My Tears

I was sitting in my bedroom.My sister had came in.She started going on how I was so bad and the most terrible thing alive.Once again I tried defending myself,but go into trouble.I just recently found out my favorite cousin committed suicide.Not a single tear from my sister.I have a disease that if I stress it could mess up my heart.My sister has just put more anger and depression in me.She doesn't care about my tears.When I went to school,my best friend wanted to hang out with me.I told her I wanted to be alone.I walked over to the trees.I sat down and cried. Nobody else was around.

Harley's POV

Kaileigh said she wanted to be alone.I was sad because we only get a break from class sometimes,and we don't get to see each other that much anymore.Cameron had came outside.He walked over to me."Hey where's Kai?"Cameron asked."She wanted to be alone.I think she is over by the trees."I replied.He had a worried look on his face.

Cameron's POV

Harley said Kaileigh was over by the trees.I ran over to her.She was crying.Charity and Olivia were knelt down beside her."Move!"I yelled. They looked at me.Charity and Olivia ran off.I wrapped my arms around Kaileigh."What's wrong babe?"I asked.Kaileigh just stayed silent.She almost jumped out of her skin when her bully walked near her."It's ok.I will protect you."I said.Kaileigh kissed me then ran off.I didn't see her for the rest of the day.

*At home*

I started getting worried when Kaileigh wouldn't call or text me.I ran over to her house.Kaileigh's parents were at work and her sister was at a friend's house,but where is Kaileigh?I looked everywhere in the house.She wasn't there.I looked all over town.The only place I haven't checked is the river.I quickly ran down to the river.Sure enough Kaileigh was sitting on the bank of the river crying.I picked her up in my arms."You scared me babe.Why are you down here?"I asked."I needed to get away from my sister.She has been bulling me for awhile. I have kept the anger and sadness to myself,so now I have blown up. I needed to by myself so I could just let it out.I don't want to go home anymore.I want to live with you."Kaileigh said.I held her close to me. "Don't worry.I will do my very best."I said.I kissed her gently on the lips.She gave me her beautiful smile.I hugged her.She sighed.

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