Young Love

11 year old Kaileigh and 12 year old Cameron were deeply in love.Kaileigh's dad was to protective over her and he didn't like Cameron.Kaileigh's mom said as long as Cameron treats Kaileigh good,she is fine with him.Her dad still won't bother to try.Cameron loves Kaileigh,but he tries to get past her dad.What will he do?
*My not*
Cameron is my actual boyfriend.I am 11 and he is 12.


1. Cameron and I

I have a wonderful boyfriend Cameron.The love of my life.He is just so awesome.His eyes were so pretty.We always would text each other.He would say how much he loved me before I went to bed.I loved it when he came over or I went to his house.Cameron would kiss me and have me in his arms.I knew he always had me side.The only thing that bothered me was my dad.He tried his best to keep me and Cameron apart.I would cry for days.But Cameron would come to see me.He would hold me while I cried on his shoulder.He tells me that my dad will never drive him away from me.That is what I love about Cameron.I always know he is here.I know he won't leave me.I just love him so much.Most 11 and 12 year olds are into sports.I am into love....Cameron love...

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