Twilight - The Different Ending.

Bella cheated on Edward with Jacob. Pfft. Stupid fit werewolves getting in the way of people having relationships with even fitter vampires! Pfft. Who does Jacob think he is? Pfft. And Bella. PFFTTT!!

Anyway, getting off topic here... I'm Sashle.. Just an ordinary girl from Edwards and Bellas school. Not a popular. Not a loner. Just plain old me. But after Edward is left heart broken by Bellas pathetic actions, I comfort him and he tells me I'm not plain. And we fall into a deep deep meaningful..... erm, relationship? I don't know what you call it to be quite honest... I think it is a relationship... I am a vampire, like him... So we do THAT stuff, if you get what I mean, and that.... But I don't think I know exactly what we are yet...........


2. what was that about?

After Edward's lips were planted on mine, he wound his arms around waist and pulled me closer to him, our lips moving in unison with each others. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pushed me up against his locker, his lips pressing harder against mine as the kiss continued. After about 10 seconds, he pulled away, but kept his hands round my waist and didn't try and move away. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, "Be my new Bella. Be the girl I look forward to seeing everyday. Be the girl I love." He read my mind, it was shouting yes, very loudly, it would of been hard for him not to hear it. He laughed and kissed my neck, then my jaw, then back to my lips. Then after another kiss, he pulled away, gave me a big squeeze, then pushed his locker door shut and walked off to his next lesson saying goodbye as he walked. I was standing at his locker, totally shocked by the events that had just happened. Beckie was standing in the middle of the hallway, just steps away from where I was standing, her jaw had dropped epically. Before Beckie even had the chance to say anything to me, or even walk over to me, Bella came from out of nowhere and punched me in the face... Everything was just a blur after that...



I opened my eyes, and just saw a white ceiling that had a really bright light hanging from it. My face was stinging and my eyes made everything look really blurry. I sat up and Beckie and Edward were sitting next to, what I noticed was, the bed that I was lying in. When I sat up, they both straightened my back. I seemed to have been in a hospital. What had happened?!

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