Twilight - The Different Ending.

Bella cheated on Edward with Jacob. Pfft. Stupid fit werewolves getting in the way of people having relationships with even fitter vampires! Pfft. Who does Jacob think he is? Pfft. And Bella. PFFTTT!!

Anyway, getting off topic here... I'm Sashle.. Just an ordinary girl from Edwards and Bellas school. Not a popular. Not a loner. Just plain old me. But after Edward is left heart broken by Bellas pathetic actions, I comfort him and he tells me I'm not plain. And we fall into a deep deep meaningful..... erm, relationship? I don't know what you call it to be quite honest... I think it is a relationship... I am a vampire, like him... So we do THAT stuff, if you get what I mean, and that.... But I don't think I know exactly what we are yet...........



*Sashle's P.O.V.*

Normal day for me today.

School, followed by piano lessons, followed by guitar lessons, followed by piles and piles of homework and coursework and revising. Totally normal for me.

My friends understood that I could never really go anywhere on a school day, because I was always super busy, and that on a weekend I was only free for three hours, because I spent most of my time with my piano and guitar lessons. They didn't mind that they didn't see me that regularly. They totally understood that everything I do was to make my Grandad proud, while he was up in heaven (Rest In Peace Grandad).

"What times are your lessons on Saturday, Sashle?" Asked my best friend, Beckie.

"Piano lessons are 9 until 12, guitar lessons are 1 until 4."

"Want to sleep at mine on Saturday then? I've totally missed you." Ha, I love how my best friend hasn't guessed I'm a vampire yet.

"Sure, but I've got to be at guitar lessons at 10 on Sunday, if that is alright?"

"Sure, I'll inform my mother."

Me and Beckie walked to our next lesson, business studies. Oh how I loved this lesson, easily my favourite lesson ever. Beckie dreaded business lessons, she only did it because I was in her class and she loved it when I was around to make her laugh with my sarcastic and funny comments.

On our walk to the classroom, we noticed Edward Cullen, crying by his locker. "I wonder what is wrong with him?" Beckie asked. I shrugged my shoulders and went over to ask him what was wrong. I walked over to him and looked at him and opened my mouth to speak, but of course, he could read my mind, and answered the question I was thinking before I even had the chance for it form fully in my mind. "I am fine, Sash. Honestly, just found out something about Bella, that is all... And that stupid dog." He scowled as he talked about Jacob. "What's happened Edward?" He gave me the chance to actually ask this one, instead of reading my mind. "She cheated on me. With a dog? I mean, what the hell is all that about?! What the hell as Jacob," he scowled as he said his name, "got that I haven't got?! Why did she have to break my heart like that?" I shrugged my shoulders. Honestly, I would pick Edward over Jacob any day... For many reasons. Like, me and Edward are both vampires, and we have loads in common with each other, and I have had a small crush (by small, I mean MASSIVE!) on Edward for years and years.

"Edward," I started, "You are perfect in every single way possible. You are amazing, honestly! I don't think Bella was thinking when she was with Jacob, because honestly I would pick you over Jacob any day of the year!" Before I even had the chance to say the word 'year' fully, Edward's lips came crushing onto my lips. OMG!

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