What if?

What if Bella was forced to run in Twilight? If she was forced to leave everything because she knew she was different? If she was with Jacob for a reason that Edward would hate? This is what happened to her...
(For the Twilight competition set in New Moon)


4. Scents

It had been six months since I had joined the quileute pack. I was something more though, something more to Jacob now. The pack had taught me the legends of the tribe and I had imprinted. The only flaw though was that it was with Jacob. I felt so complete with him, but I knew he had felt differently. He had never imprinted on me, no matter how he tried. I had left Charlie's comfort of a home, and moved in to a large two storey building with Jake. I know that was a big move but it felt... right. I knew though that this was all good to be true, that I had to wake up soon. That's when a simple message turned life itself in to that decision I had with Jake and Edward before. This time though, it was someone elses life that I would crush or their trust for me...


I was woken by the deep authoritative call from Sam. I waited for Jake, he was not there.

Bella, here in the clearing NOW!

I am waiting for Jake Sam

He's here Bella now get here now

I streaked through the wood when a scent that stung my nose stopped me dead. The smell pulsed like a living heart pulsed through my head leaving me to whimper and stumble from the pain it inflicted upon my wolf form. I shook myself and looked around me for any source of the pain. Then I remembered what Jake had said to me when we were leaving the clearing:

'A vampire's scent is like a human being shot or stabbed multiple times. It stings and leaves us giddy and sick. Our brains are muddled and we must leave the scent if it to fresh or if others have followed the other. How do you like your bloodsucker now then Bells?' 

I understood it now though. I panicked and started to do a wide run of the section. Fresh, only a few minutes old. Headed east. This was a stranger to the area, it does not know the borders. 

Sam, I have a vampire  scent. Too fresh to be missed, can I follow it? Please, I want to test my skills.

Yes, meet us back here though. 10pm, good luck.

Thanks Sam

I followed slowly keeping my nose to the floor, the scent getting stronger as I followed. The sucker must be going slowly. The brush of the bowing trees and the prickle of the thorn bushes were nothing to me. I was concentrating so much on this I did not want to disappoint Sam. He still hated me for beating him up on my first night as a wolf. The moon slowly makes an appearance as the time slowly continues. I have not stopped for a second, the scent was so powerful it would have made my eyes water as if someone had stuck a onion up my nose. Then it stopped. Simply stopped. They were somewhere in the trees. My eyes searched slowly, taking in every detail. Anything that was not in line. A rustle, just above my eyes. Two single amber eyes stared at me with such curiosity, then another just a little further up. I felt calm at once, then it hit me. I deep throaty growl erupted from my soul, sending the birds flying for cover. The people I once trusted. Well they weren't even alive, frozen in time. I felt the bushes and branches of trees staring at me. Six pairs of eyes I felt watching the tiniest strand of my fur move in the wind. I howled for the pack, to kill the intruders I needed them. I smelt that scent again, this time I feared them.

"There is only one person's mind I can't read Bella." Edward.

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