What if?

What if Bella was forced to run in Twilight? If she was forced to leave everything because she knew she was different? If she was with Jacob for a reason that Edward would hate? This is what happened to her...
(For the Twilight competition set in New Moon)


5. Revenge

I stared at his hair. The bronze, which made him, was fading. Grey and black strands were growing, making him look like a geeky version of Emmett. I paced backwards a step when I bumped in to an icy stone. I spun round and placed him in to the mud, making sure he sunk deeper. Emmets flailing hands tore at my fur, only making me wince. It was nothing like I had suffered from this stupid batch of stone. Two set of stone locked themselves around me and threw me over the way they had came. I stood up and shook myself of. Taking in the sight that was in front of me. Carlisle and Esme, standing just to the side I didn't want them; Alice and Jasper, they were candidates for me to kill but I fought against that feeling; Rosalie, that would be great to kill but Emmett would have me in half by the time I had reached her, Emmett already had his fair share. Edward. He was going to die. I looked to the moon and pictured Jake. I saw his comforting eye in that moon begging me to tear him limb from limb.

They're all here Jake. Emmet sized hole in the ground. I'm taking out Edward. I love you.

Bella listen to me, to us. Wait.

They have me surrounded Jake. I have no choice.

I looked back to Edward. Longing in his eyes just to see me human again. Too late. I lunged towards him. He just stood there. I leaped over, not before sinking my dagger like teeth in to his shoulder. I felt the snap and i ran. Carrying the arm that squirmed and wriggled in my jaw. I ran all the way to the clearing to find that no-one was there. I started to think, when he was standing there in front of me. His eyes murderous and dark. I had never seen him like this. I heard the shouts and screams of his name which were getting strangled by the dense forest. I wagged my tail playfully, which sent him in to a frenzy. The amber vanished from his eyes, all there was left was the dungeon of inescapable black sea. A snarl ripped from his chest and I howled in play. He lunged at me but I dodged him easily. I stopped looking at me and I threw the arms in to the forest but he had me in a flash. even in one arm he was able to throw me far in to the green jungle. I felt the thud of wolf pads running to me. Then the delicate light footsteps of the vampires. My death was near.

"That was a very bad move Bella. If only you didn't know about this life then you would be with me, safe and happy. Like me by now." he sneered at me. His stench was overpowering. "I'm just sorry that I have to kill you." 

"Edward don't, you wanted her so badly before we had to leave." I looked and saw the distress from Carlisle. He was like a father to me. The thuds of the pads came closer till we saw Jake throw himself towards us. It was too little, too late. Edward's teeth sunk deep in to my neck. Leaving me defenseless and as good as dead.



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