What if?

What if Bella was forced to run in Twilight? If she was forced to leave everything because she knew she was different? If she was with Jacob for a reason that Edward would hate? This is what happened to her...
(For the Twilight competition set in New Moon)


3. Howling, for my death

I stood up and felt the heat run through my body. The needles that pricked my arms and legs were painful but the heat just melted them away. I looked at Jacob, the smile was gone. His hand reached up to my face, he realises what is happening. He picks me up and runs. His long strides taking us there easily and faster than what I would have been able to manage. He was concentrating now, looking at my shaking and sore body.

"Bella, feel the heat that you feel now. Just let it come over you." he said a smile was reaching his face. I did as he said but I was petrified. I felt the rattle of my body changing but I didn't want it so I bolted. My legs reaching that same stride. I heard the frantic thuds of Jacob behind me but I pushed myself to a higher speed losing him in a matter of strides. The forest was blurring but my eyes found a good steady path. I ran, not caring about Jake or anyone else. I felt calmer but then the feeling would lock me in it's grasp again making my legs speed up again. After what seemed like minutes I reached a fallen oak. It's trunk was wide and for a human it was impassable  Not for me. Without stomping I sprang in to the air. Feeling the wind struck the heat to take over me. Making me land on paws instead of feet. I felt my fur hug my slender frame, I was white. I felt the wave over the others wolves who could hear me. I was so kiddy. I lay down and just admired my body, never had I felt so alive.

I heard Jake deep and mellow voice rummage it's way to me. I sprang to my feet and howled. The tune was long and calming, like I was made to do this. I heard an answering howl but this was deep and angry, a leader of a pack. This was joined by warning growls and barks. Six wolves. I felt the rumble as they advanced on me. as they ranged closer and closer I felt that warmth again, I wasn't changing, then I heard them. Embry and Quil. Their voices were the most distinctive to me. I repeated Embry's name in my head when he answered back:


Embry. Where are you? 

My question was answered when I felt a deep sinking of teeth on my flank. I yelped and spun round, throwing the attacker off. His fur was midnight black but only the whites of his eyes made him more distinct to me. I scanned the row of wolves, none I recognized. I saw the first wolf run to me again but I dodged throwing myself over the wall of the others. One of them came and rubbed his head on my shoulder as a hello. He then stood at my side and waited until I looked at him. Embry for sure. His eyes deep and losing caressed me in his mind, I saw the day we first met. I rubbed my head back against him. I stood there waiting for them to pipe up but all of them were silent. I watched them as another joined us, his russet fur was long and shaggy perfect for the winter weather that we found in Forks.

Bella, where have you been? It was Jacob.

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