What if?

What if Bella was forced to run in Twilight? If she was forced to leave everything because she knew she was different? If she was with Jacob for a reason that Edward would hate? This is what happened to her...
(For the Twilight competition set in New Moon)


7. Ending!!!!

I carried Bella's body away from the bush and saw how dangerous these bloodsuckers really were, it was nothing like our legends. Her body had turned purple from the blood erupting from her veins, her eyes had lost their chocolate brown and held white rimmed with black. Her hand twitched and shook violently, even when death took her she tried to come back no matter how hard. I lifted my head and sung for the pain to go. To be swept with the wind, I called for her to go peacefully. The pack joined me, I saw the memories they had of her:

-Sam when she was first changed. He instantly made her third in command, no matter how new she was to this life. The way she dodged his broad body was pure ballet.

-Embry when she had curled up to him when the winter nights got tough.

-Paul when she had beaten him in the best fight. He had lay there, passed out and his bones were healing slowly. His eyes turning black and green every second, blood running freely down his face when she had threw him against a wall. He woke two days later.

I heard the deep roar of the murder when I showed him how lost she was when he left. The days I had watched her in the cafeteria in his chair, starving herself and mourning her soul being took away. That day I had found the book from my anger. My father had sat me down and repeated what I had heard only a few months ago, then explaining that she was part of my family. I looked down to her body, those haunting eyes still searched for something, I recoiled from her and hung my head low. Her arms reached out and grabbed my leg tightly. I stopped and so did life. I laid down and picked up her faint heartbeat, I whined and her hand reached up and rubbed my head. The pain that coursing through her made me split into pieces. 

"Don't tell-Cha-rl-ie." She whispered, the effort was unbelievable. Carlisle came to her and started CPR. Her chest rose and fell when he breathed in to her, I knew it was no good. I inched my way back and stood up. The looks on their faces were the same, except one. Edward had a smirk glued to his face, the evil in his eyes was powerful. I launched myself to him and pinned him to the ground. A pound vibrated through ground as he made contact. 

How could you

I mentally yelled and that smirk grew.

"She chose you instead off me." He chuckled I backed off and let him stand, never mind Bella doing it. I was going to make him into a jigsaw. I felt the nibbles on my body as the pack tried to keep me calm. I ignored them and looked towards his 'family'. They surrounded him and stood in a wall. I didn't care, all I wanted is Bella back. I threw myself at them and I heard the cracks, but saw no parts of rock. I felt stone arms around every part of me. I felt them tense. I heard the rip of my ligaments, I saw Bella up ahead. I took her hand and felt complete. I had found my place, with Bella. Forever.

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