What if?

What if Bella was forced to run in Twilight? If she was forced to leave everything because she knew she was different? If she was with Jacob for a reason that Edward would hate? This is what happened to her...
(For the Twilight competition set in New Moon)


1. Emails

I unlocked the door to the house to find it as cold and lifeless as it was now. The freezing forks air danced it's way down my neck and made me shiver. I had grown to like it, I had been here a few months now. Edward has been gone for a whole week, somewhere out of my life with his family. Somewhere with a life that I knew was better for him but was worse for me. I trudged upstairs and forced my dead computer to come back. I felt the rattle of the the computer sighing as my head lay on the desk. I didn't want to move, Edward had took that with him. My reason to live. I felt the rattle stop and I felt peaceful. The most I have been for a while. I felt myself being pulled under the thick blanket of calm. I let it take my banging head, making it feel like it had been chopped off. Like I was dead.


I heard the nagging beep of the email. I groaned and moved to go back to sleep, but it wouldn't shut up. I lifted my head and groaned with the sleepiness that I found comforting. I moved my mouse to the icon to see a email from Jake. I smiled, I had missed him so much.

Hey Bells,

What are up to? If your not busy would you come to mine. I want to say I'm sorry that I haven't been around. I'll tell you if you come over.


I replied one simple way,

Getting my car keys now. :D

When I sent I was about to shut down my computer when I received another. It was from Alice.

Bella don't, Please don't. I don't want to not see you.


I stood there, staring at the computer. This was the first time that she had emailed me. I ignored her and then ran out of the house, my truck groaning when I started it. I was so excited about seeing Jake.

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