Fear of the Dark?


1. The beginning- or the end?


                 The night was cold and damp. Feelings of insecurity and fright could be tasted in the fog that smothered the land like a blanket. Everywhere pitch black and eerie, with no light or signal to pull you out of the thick, grey blindfold. All the buildings and features, which you knew from past experiences, existed, disappeared: chewed and swallowed into the sorrowful chasm. A perfect blend of the sky and the ground meant that you were the lost cause on a forbidden piece of artwork. Shields of inky and murky depth prevented the use of your limbs and your body; to the point where fear could no longer be to blame.

                You cannot tell whether you have your eyes open, or if your conscience has forced them shut. Not until you are compelled to blink and fill yourself with the realisation that the situation is real. Fear engulfs your body with panic, and your heart increases to an unbearable pace. You attempt to shut your eyes and to drown in your apprehension. But your mind races through with images and shapes that could be of occurrence outside your lids- and you spring them back open.

                Then the fog attacks your sight; a sharp, scratching pain that feels like a knife to your vision. You lose your breath as a gasp is reverberated from the sudden agony. That is the moment that imagination comes to light. Shapes and images transmit to you in flourishes of horror. Memories that were tossed to the back of your mind, fears that you thought were overcome and advances that all cause you to stumble backwards. Proof that there was life around came in the form of an unseen obstacle. A loose tree root that grabs hold of your feet and throws your balance out of the window, causing you to trip and fall face first into the damp ground, is the realisation that you’re not dreaming.

                You manage to gather all the strength that you can find to lift yourself from the plastered ground. But the thick air clogs up your throat with just half a breath taken. And, as the panic is compressed further within your mind, you are forced to take a massive gulp of the horrific, smoked atmosphere. The unbearable feeling within your chest causes you to choke until you can’t feel anything inside; all the sins and sorrows taken away from your shoulders.

                However, it’s the last thing that you wanted to happen as the weight off your shoulder feels like lost protection. You can no longer sense which direction you are facing- or that of which you came, as the trees begin to violently crash together in the blistering gale. You cannot find the strength to get yourself to your feet as the freezing attack stamps upon your already jaded judgement.

                And then you feel it. Everything around you seems to stop- lost in a motion that will not shift- as all your focus is relayed upon that one feeling. Emptiness all around: coated in the atmosphere, racking your brains and clawing all the way down to your soul so that you can no longer breathe. You can hear your heartbeat in your head- like the banging of a drum in the centre of your fright. Your vision is torn.

                It seems to remain this way for an eternity. False senses of security being created as you steady yourself in the abnormal surroundings. It all seems... calm. Maybe you’re just being paranoid? That old silly fear of the dark that suffocates you and sends you mental! Yes that’s exactly it- you laugh at the idiocy you portrayed and hope that no one was watching and laughing at you too.

If only no one had been watching.... 

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