Contained irrationality

(This story came as a nightmare kinda)

Story of a girl's entrapment and the dangers she encounters while facing the inevitable end that is her death...


3. Face facts


I would check on Jasmine every five minutes almost, her temperature was dropping dramatically since she had fallen asleep. I slumped against  the wall beside her, caressing her cheek as she slept all curled up in my jacket. I looked at her with tear filled eyes, my jacket wasn't enough. She was getting worse. How long had she been here?? Her skin was getting paler and colder. I winced at the emotional pain of watching the horrifying scene before me. 

"You may as well give up y'know" a voice echoed, from the only other person in the room. She watched him and felt anger creep up inside of her. "How the hell could you say that! She is just a child, she doesn't deserve to be here let alone be in this state!" Heat crept up her neck and cheeks. Jasmine is too young to die... she is too  young. "Face facts babe, we all die. she has been here for a while. Her fault she refused their food when they brought it along, she hasn't got long left.... Its her time. Face it" She shrugs as he blankly stares at Jasmine. My eyes immediately flew to her and watched her carefully, she was still breathing. 

Carefully but surely she lifted her and cradled her in my arms like a baby, propping her up. I cooed at Jasmine trying to get her attention but she was sound asleep still, I touched her neck - her pulse was fading. I began to panic "What do I do?! Her pulse... its going...." She yells at the guy across the room. She looks at him with the same blank stare and props up his legs and rests his chin on his knees. "Why don't you get it? There is nothing you can do" he murmurs quietly but in the dead silence, he may as well have shouted at me. 

"NO! I will not accept that! I--" I stop... Her pulse and breathing. I panic and look down to her. She wasn't moving. "Jasmine?.....Jas-jasmine?!" I shook her... No no no no this couldn't be happening. "Jasmine !" I screamed and laid her on the ground and tried to resuscitate her. 

"Katherine.. Stop it" I felt someone touch my shoulder, I looked up to see the boy looming over me. She couldn't die not now.. she shouldn't be here or be like this... she is too young! Tears stung her eyes and forced their way down my cheeks. He knelt down in front of me and patted my cheek as if I was a child and just had grazed my knee. He looked down to the body and sighed and picked her up carefully and strode to the door and banged it with his free fist loudly. My heart began to ache watching her go... I didn't know her... but she died in my arms and I have always had premature motherly instincts with kids... Seeing her being taking away from me, he may as well he holding my pumping heart. I cried out and screamed. I tried crawling to them but all energy had left me leaving me slumped on the ground in a mess. 

I looked up with teary eyes and watched someone come into the room and remove Jasmine from the guy;s arms. My heart lurched "No!" I yelled but my voice broke and choked. I laid there crying.... waiting for sanity to come back ....

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