Contained irrationality

(This story came as a nightmare kinda)

Story of a girl's entrapment and the dangers she encounters while facing the inevitable end that is her death...


2. Endangered


I was swimming, swimming in the dark black sea, engulfed by the darkness. I spluttered and choked against the water, trying to remain on the surface. What was happening? Where on earth did all this water come from?! I pushed against the tide, struggling against, despite using all my strength. It was no use… my energy was fading; the water began to rise above my head. My body was failing and sinking into the earth below. I watched the world above me, watching the glimmer of the refracting sunlight through the waters. Was this what it felt like to die? I opened my mouth and released the last breath I was maintaining and saving… watching the bubbles soar to the surface while I continued to descend into my death.

I woke with a shock and a gasp for breath, my eyes wide and bulging out of my head. I was on the ground… concrete? No, it was too smooth and yet uneven to be concrete. My hand pressed against the floor beneath me, stroking my fingers against the smooth floor. It was shingle like, like the ones you see in castles… in their dungeons. Dungeons…My body jolted into an upright position and scanned the room. But I was very much mistaken in thinking I would be in a ‘room’ I was in fact in an actual dungeon. The breath caught my throat as a choked a cry of fear and anguish, hot tears stinging my eyes.

“You’re awake!” A small voice cried, following in colliding into my chest and knocking all wind out of me. I peered down and saw a small girl cradled against my chest, her hair a soft golden blonde like honey encased in dirt and dust which covered her milk white beautiful skin. I was so lost for words. Why was I here? Let alone a child so young as her? What were they going to do to us? To her… 


“I thought you would never wake up! He wouldn't talk to me!” she wined while pointing behind her into the direction she had leapt from.  I peered past her wailing and flustered body and indeed, there was a boy leaning against the southern wall. He looked comfortable, almost too calm and casual for our current predicament. His medium length blonde hair was matted against his face and neck, from sweat and maybe blood. How long had he been here? His eye glared at me, no through me. As if his expression was telling me, this was my entire fault in some way or another. The little girl curled up into my lap, resting her head against my breast. Her eyes filled with tears, causing her sweet little face to turn almost ugly while fighting off her urge to cry and wail.

“Hey sweetie, don’t cry. What’s your name?” I ask softly, almost too scared in case my voice would set her off like a sound sensitive alarm. She sniffed and aggressively rubbed her eyes before replying.

“J-Jasmine” She stuttered while controlling her tears, “My name is Jasmine…” She looked up as I stared at she big brown eyes. How could a child be in a place like this? How are any of us here?

“Well Jasmine, I’m Katherine… and … “I was lost for words. What could I say at a time like this? What words could I possibly conjure to comfort her. The room was dark, morbid and depressing; coated in spiders webs, dust and for all we knew decaying corpses from previous captors. I pulled her close to me and softly rocked her, the only way I knew how to calm her nerves, till she was asleep. She slept soundlessly, and to be honest it had made me jealous. There was no way I would be able to do that in this kind of place. I slipped off my jacket and wrapped her body in it and rested her in the corner of the room while she rested. When stepping away, she looked like someone in a straight jacket in a mental asylum… could that be where we are now? Just an archaic and Gothic version? But why would I be here, my life is relatively normal… if ‘normal’ ever existed.

I looked across to my only audience to my comforting and act of kindness, the boy. He sat there watching me like a predator. He looked so relaxed… his legs lazily propped up as he leant back against the wall with his shoulders slumped, without a care in the world or what was happening to us right now. I moved into the center of the room… he was very good looking, but there was an aura around him that told me to stay away…But why? We are the same aren't we? We are both trapped in this place…. But why?.


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