Contained irrationality

(This story came as a nightmare kinda)

Story of a girl's entrapment and the dangers she encounters while facing the inevitable end that is her death...


4. Break through


Days had crept by after her passing, I was inconsolable for the first few days, well in the times that the boy had tried to speak to me anyway. Otherwise he kept his distance, he always did. I had kept myself huddled in the corner of the chamber, hugging my knees.... clutching tightly to the jacket that had been wrapped around her small delicate body. I was so attached to someone I didn't know, how pathetic but... she was so young... she should not have died. It was not right. I had slept for a lot of the time, there was nothing else I could have done, the boy, whom was still nameless, didn't put much of a show in entertainment, I ate the bread with little enthusiasm and drank the water sparingly in the corner - alone. 

It was fixated in my mind, the single word 'alone' that is all I am now. Despite what-ever-his-name-is, wait a moment how did I still not know who he was? I sigh loudly before sitting up from the corner and leaning forward, I was sick of the silence "Why don't you talk?" I ask him, I no longer cared how blunt it sounded. 

He looks up startled at the sudden noise of the room, my voice had echoed around the room but I ignored it as I stared at him, awaiting for his reply. "What is there to be said, we are trapped in here, and will die like that kid.... No use making friends" he sneers cruelly at her before looking away from her and pushing his hair from his face. It was then I noticed how toned he was, my eyes glided over his arms watching as they tensed. I was transfixed on them, What was wrong with me?! I cannot get attracted to him now!.  

I sigh once more "Am I at least able to know your name?" I utter, "Or do I need to call you jerk-off til one of us dies" she joked. I don't know what had happened since I had entered this..... entrapment I should say. I had become more sadistic and cynical you could say. Because I am facing death.... rang in my head as if someone had whispered it closely into my ear. 

He gritted his teeth and turns his head away from me, before looking squarely at me.

"Just... call me Patch." he uttered. I frowned for a moment, that had to be a fake name, but she shrugged, better than nothing.

"So mister patch... how did you get here..." I ask, my eyes narrowed at him awaiting for his story. 


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