At The Mist Of Dawn

In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose Jacob as her soul mate. This is for the Twilight competition. Please, like and fav and comment because I want to win badly and I love Twilight a lot.


5. Saving my love

I took a pouch out of my bag, pressed the pouch onto Jacob mouth and watched the liquid follow in his mouth. Jacob swallowed it hungrily, then began breathing deeply  I began whispering a few words, I watched Jacob wound heal completely also stop moaning in pain. Wake up Jacob I thought, it's not your time to die.

"Wake. young one, slowly" I chanted. Jacob opened his eyes, and then blinked at me repeatedly.

"Are you ok" I asked nervously. I checked Jacob pulse, he was warm but then that was his werewolf heat.

"What, how, I was bit" Jacob murmured, shaking his head in confusion. I pressed my lips on his forehead and brushed his hair. I turned my head around to see Edward he looked at me then looked away.

"It was some healing liquid, I had received from a friend" I whispered, not telling him, who and why. Jacob tried to stand up, but he wobbled uncontrollably and landed down in a heap. I brushed the dirt of him and supported his body.

"Jacob slowly, your body is healing" I mumbled. Jacob stood up slowly, holding my hand. Jacob slouched on me, I smiled tried then  happily. Edward stood there, shaking angrily, he mouthed something angrily. From what I could make out it, it seemed like hairy, living, how, dead.

"Next time, you want to hurt Jacob, you have to hurt me first" I exclaimed, clutching my fist at him.

"Bella" Jacob whispered, worrying about my safety.

"No, I know what I'm saying, Edward if you want to kill Jacob, kill me" I shouted, sure then ever. If Edward wanted to get to Jacob, he would have to deal with me at first.

"Bella" Edward mumbled, anxiously. I could see that he was surprised and anxious, not believing what he did, but thinking at that time that it was the best.

"I couldn't believe you Edward, that you would do this because if Jacob died, I would die too" I replied.

"Edward" Alice called out from the woods, then Alice appeared, she looked at Jacob, Edward then me.

"Guess I found you at good time" Alice laughed mockingly.

"I'm sorry Bella" Edward apologized.

"I don't accept Edward, Jacob is my heart and without him, I would die" I murmured, tears in my eyes.

"Bella, don't say anything like that" Jacob moaned.

"I'm sorry Bella, I'll leave you, if you want" Edward inquired. I nodded my head sternly.

"Bye Bella" Edward and Alice chorused, before disappearing into the woods.

"Are you ok Jacob" I asked.

"I'll live" Jacob retorted.

"Because if he had hurt you or if you had died" I gasped painfully.

"Bella, I'm ok, and we'll be together forever" Jacob announced.

"For all eternity" I replied, placing my hand in his. Me and Jacob would be together forever, and nobody could separate us.

I would want at least a day with you instead of a day without you, because a day with you, will seem like eternity for me.

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