At The Mist Of Dawn

In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose Jacob as her soul mate. This is for the Twilight competition. Please, like and fav and comment because I want to win badly and I love Twilight a lot.


2. Only you

I held Jacob's hand, and we walked to my house. Jacob pushed the gate open for me.

"First you my lady" Jacob mumbled. I pushed Jacob first then began laughing. I stopped laughing when I saw Jacob staring at something, I turned my head and noticed a familiar silver car, parked outside my house. I thought of who could it be, but I knew no one with a shiny Volvo but I felt like I'd seen that car before. I tried to think who could it be, but no one name sprang in my head.

"Look at the car, who could it be" I asked Jacob.

"Maybe you've got guest" Jacob lied. I could see from Jacob expression, that he was worrying, of who was inside.

"But if Charlie invited someone, he would tell me, let's go in" I muttered lying.

I opened the door and walked inside, followed by a panting Jacob, his eyes all panicking with fear, Jacob shook tensely then groaned in horror. Jacob face burned with sweat, he breathed heavily, swinging his head furiously.

“Jacob what's wrong?"  I asked Jacob.

“Vampire” Jacob spatted out in disgust.

No I thought, he couldn't be here, not now, this was my worst nightmare coming alive. Just when I believed everything was ok he came back, Please don't  ruin my life, I pleaded god.

“Do you want to go” I mumbled.

“No, I’m not leaving you” Jacob murmured.

We walked into the living room, hand in hand, I kept my head held high, ready for all the disasters to strike me at once. First I thought, should we leave but then it would seem bad, to Charlie who knew I was here.

“Look who here. Bella” my father Charlie exclaiming pointing at the sofa.

I looked at the sofa, there standing like diamonds scattered around stones were Alice and Edward. I shake my head terrified, whenever I thought of him or said his name, it hurt a lot.

“Hello Bella” Alice exclaimed happily. I nodded my head, afraid to say anything.

“Hi Bella, long time no see” Edward mumbled, looking at my hand in Jacob frustrated.

“Hi Edward, what are you doing in my house” I inquired with a doubt.

“Bella look who it is, it’s Edward” Charlie reminded, like he was telling a baby, that it was your Mommy, like I didn't know that.

“I know who it is dad, the same Edward who left me broken because he believed I was safe” I shouted angrily.

“ I'm sorry Edward, Bella doesn't know what she is saying” Charlie apologized.

“I do know dad, he left me and know he comes back, when I’m healing my life” I shouted, tears leaking from my eyes. I dab the tears from my eyes, trying not to look weak.

“Bella, I’m sorry” Edward whispered.

“I don’t accept, I'm not the same Bella you loved and hurt, she’s dead” I mumbled.

“Bella, let’s go” Jacob inquired. I nodded my head, turning around, when cold fingers held my wrist.

“Bella” Edward repeated, lovingly. It's all I fake I told myself, he left you, he never wanted you, he said it himself. I pushed the thoughts away and stared at Edward coldly.

“Let me go Edward, your hurting me” I murmured, shoving Edward away

“No Bella, no” Edward repeated, shaking his head. I could see he was angry, maybe to see I was alive or maybe to see I had moved on.

“Let her go” Jacob shouted angrily, I could see he was going to blow it any minute.

I couldn't let anything bad happened because Jacob would get hurt or that Charlie was going to find out that things he read from a horror book, was alive and right in his house.

“No” Edward shouted back, tugging my left arm.

“Leave her alone, she’s mine” Jacob yelled, tugging my right arm.

“Stop Edward” Alice interrupted her hand on Edward back. I stared at Charlie he looked confused about the fight.

"Let Bella go" Charlie exclaimed.

“Let’s go Jacob” I whispered.

“I’m not giving you up Bella, your mine” Edward snarled angrily.

“No, you’re here to see if I died, well your Bella died, and if you think its better, it’s better if you leave me” I shouted, brushing his finger away.

“It’s not over” Edward screamed, shaking his head, then clutching his fist at Jacob.

“It is, I will always be Jacob and I will die before I become yours” I shouted, pulling Jacob away.

We walk out; I try and calm myself down, repeating to my self that it’s ok. Jacob is with you, and he’ll always be there.

“Are you ok” Jacob asked, his face full of concern and love.

“ I'm happy wherever you are” I whispered.

"Bella, I'm sorry" Jacob apologized.

"Jacob, there's nothing you need to apologize for" I mumbled.

"I'm sorry Bella, I will never let him hurt you again" Jacob exclaimed.

"I know Jacob, I know" I murmured.

"I love you Bella" Jacob whispered, love saturated from his lips.

"I love you more, then you ever know" I whispered back, holding Jacob hand tightly.

I would die for you, just to see you smile, one more time

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