At The Mist Of Dawn

In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose Jacob as her soul mate. This is for the Twilight competition. Please, like and fav and comment because I want to win badly and I love Twilight a lot.


7. Nightmare

I wake up alone and cold, I shiver in pain, I look around for Jacob then see him standing there, with his friends Sam,Quil,Paul and Embry. I run up to him and place my arms around my neck. I wanted to ask him many question: How were we safe, didn't we die, what were his friends doing here, what happened?

I had to know, my heart pounded rapidly, to whatever Jacob answer could be, please let us be safe, I thought. I looked around, no one was there, I lay on his shoulder.

"Who are you?" Jacob asked, looking at me confused, looking like he had never seen me before.

I laughed at him, he was just lying, trying to be funny. Of course he knew me, why was he lying.

"Ha,ha,ha Jacob, not funny" I commented. It seriously wasn't funny, I wanted to ask, how had we escaped Edward and gotten here.

"Who is she" Jacob friends asked confused, like they had never seen me before.

"Oh, is today, forget Bella day" I mumbled angrily, why was everyone ignoring me, or was this a joke  for some big surprise planned later.

"Who are you" Jacob repeated, I placed my hand in Jacob's, he shook my hand away from his.

"It's me Bella" I replied, Jacob couldn't of forgotten me, he hadn't no way, it wasn't possible, Jacob couldn't have forgotten me. 

"Jacob please don't forget me" I cried, tears trickling from my face.

"Bella, I've never seen you before" Jacob exclaimed.

"Jacob, it's not funny, it's me Bella, your love" I whispered.

"I'm sorry girl, but I've got a girlfriend, Eliza" Jacob called out.

A beautiful copper skinned, long black raven color hair walked in, I looked at her, who was she, and why was she walking this way. She placed her arms around Jacob protectively and kissed his cheek, when she kissed his cheek, it hurt a lot, like someone had just slapped me.

"Jacob" Eliza flirted with Jacob.

"Eliza, aren't we dating" Jacob exclaimed.

Eliza nodded her head, her eyes telling me to back off.

"This girl Bella, loves me" Jacob laughed, then joined by his friends and Eliza, who thought of me as a joke.

"Go away girl, he's mine" Eliza shouted shoving me away angrily.

I fall and a pair of cold  hands catch me, I turn my head to see Edward, his eyes meet mine.

"Bella, what were you doing" Edward inquired.

"Let me go, Jacob I love you" I cried, why couldn't he see, how much I loved him.

"Bella, I'm your love" Edward shouted angrily.

"No" I yelled, tears falling from my eyes.

"Yes I am" Edward answered coldly his dark black eyes piercing into my brown eyes.

I didn't love Edward, it was Jacob I loved, the guy who forgotten me. I shook my head confused  what was going on, I had to get out of here

"No your not, I hate you" I screamed.

Edward slaps me hard on the cheek, causing me to wince. I run sobbing, I hear Edward calling my name. I ignore Edward and run, farther and farther into the woods.  I had to get away from this parallel world, I had to go back to Jacob, my love, my heart, my soul, the thing that keeps me living. I bump into a tree and fall on the floor. Jacob I whispered, again and again.

Wait my love, for me, I'm coming with you forever, even to death.

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