At The Mist Of Dawn

In Twilight new moon Edward left Bella, poor Bella heartbroken, was healing with the love of Jacob Black but then Edward came back and Bella left Jacob. But what if there was a twist what if Bella chose Jacob as her soul mate. This is for the Twilight competition. Please, like and fav and comment because I want to win badly and I love Twilight a lot.


4. Jacob

Jacob I write, then think very hard for words that represent Jacob. Sexy, kind, trustworthy, my soul, true friend. I scribble the words down in my notebook. I was writing about all the people who mean the world to me, and it was Jacob, who mattered the most.

I looked at Jacob anxiously, thinking of what else to write about him. There was more things I could write, I could write 10 pages about Jacob, about how he healed me when I was broken, about how much I loved him. I didn't deserve someone as amazing as Jacob, I was lucky I had him, and I was never going to let him go, away from me. I look at Jacob sitting there watching TV.

"Bella, what are you writing" Jacob asked curiously.

I hid the words with my hands and did the innocent face.

"Nothing" I lie, blushing. I knew Jacob could see, what I was going, I tried to get the paper from me.

"Let me see" Jacob exclaimed, pushing my hand away, he read quietly then smiled happily.

"What" I enquired confused.

"Sexy" Jacob laughed.

"It was the first word, I could think of" I mumble, embarrassed.

"true friend" Jacob murmured.

"You are, your always with me, protecting me, loving me" I whispered quietly.

"Bella, you know I will always love you" Jacob whispered back, gazing into my eyes lovingly.

"I know Jacob" I mumbled.

"Bella, will you marry me" Jacob asked nervously.

"Yes" I exclaimed, hugging him.

"No" someone screamed painfully. I turned my head around to face, Edward, his face stone cold, his eyes glaring at me and Jacob.

"Go away bloodsucker" Jacob snarls.

"No, I will not give you Bella" Edward yelled.

"Go away" Jacob howled.

Edward rushed past and bit Jacob. I watched Jacob shiver in pain, he collapsed insistently and groaned in pain.

"Jacob" I cried, sitting by Jacob.

I looked at the wound, then began crying, my tears fell on Jacob mark.

"Jacob" I repeated, shaking him, wanting him to be okay.

"Bella" Jacob groaned in pain.

"Don't leave me Jacob, don't leave me or I'll come too" I mumbled.

"No Bella" Edward screamed. I walked to Edward and held him tightly by the neck. I never had hated Edward but now, I detested him with emotions, unbearable. I snarled at him, glaring at him like a killer and it's prey.

"How could you Edward, If Jacob dies, I will stake you to death then I will die" I shouted proudly.

It was true, every single word, no one could hurt Jacob and live with it, then they'll have me to talk to. I may not look strong, ok I looked girlish, childish, weak but really I was as strong as snails, I mean nails, of course I wasn't as strong as snails. Snails were disgusting, slimy things and I sure wasn't slimy.

"Bella" Edward repeated, his eyes on me. I could see he wanted to say something, but then decided that, maybe it wasn't the best time to say it..

"You listen to me, if anything happened to Jacob, you will have a new enemy to worry about, Me" I screamed, shaking Edward. If Jacob had died, of course Jacob wouldn't die, he was strong and he would pull out of all this easily, then we would be back together again, just the two of us, how it always should be.

God please save Jacob, because of me he get's hurt, take away my life but not his.

My Love, this life was what you gave me and you can have it.

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